Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crazy Good Week 10-10-10

Hello Family and welcome to week number two with Elder Kwak and life in Seoul.

I am still here in Seoul in kangseogu in an area called Bangwha! I really love getting to serve here, the members are not the best at helping with missionary work or loving one another but we sure love them and they love us back in return, it’s just a matter of helping them realize the importance of the gospel. Take for example a family that we are meeting right now, one of my favorite ever. Her English name is Julia and her Kids are Alex and Candy! They are so stinking cute and the whole family including the dad is extremely prepared, no word of wisdom problems which is rare in Korea and they don’t attend another church, its been fun to help them build a belief in Christ from the ground up! Julia really has gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the church in the past three months; you can see it in her eyes. They have lots of concerns about starting to attend church but they have committed to start coming at the beginning of November. We have been looking to find a way to help speed that process up and we thought we had found it last week when we found out that the little daughter was best friends with a little girl in the ward because her dad was helping us teach and then even better we found out that the sister in our ward is their sons English teacher! We thought we had found a key into helping this family progress better! A couple of days ago we went to this ladies house to ask if she could help us teach one time or even if she would just come out to an activity we were planning with them and she flat out said no! She was not very nice about it either and quickly changed the topic. I brought it back around to it again and explained that it would be a big help and also that it would bless not only their family but hers as well “NO” I am his teacher so I won’t do it, its to much of a word they use in korea that can’t be translated but kind of means pressure. I have probably never been madder on my whole mission. For goodness sakes people if the gospel is true I don’t care how much부담 you feel if you don’t share it you will pay the consequence in the next life, I am still mad just thinking about it. Any way we also saw some other way cool things this week. We picked up a new family of four and we also set a baptismal date with a sixteen year old student who is fairly severely Handicapped. I was wondering dad or mom, what are the “Guidelines” for a situation like this? He can tell the difference between good and wrong and he understands what we tell him when we teach but as soon as he leaves the room whatever we said is all gone, do we baptize him? President says baptism is a gift and needs to be given to all and I would kind of agree on the same lines cause we can’t judge who is accountable and who is not only god can do that, what do the general authorities say? Anyway, it was a great week, we say tons of success and had met the standards of excellence by Friday in time to be able to “Relax” and enjoy general conference! Haha My favorite talk was the one about the scorpions and following the instructions that are given to protect us, what were all of yours? Well this week was great and hopefully with all 28 investigators we have we can get some of them to the waters edge and then give them the Holy Ghost!

Love ya’ll,

Elder Grant

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