Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas miracles in the works 12-5-10

Hello, Christmas Miracles in the works!!!!!!!!‏
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From: Charles Greg Grant (
Sent: Sun 12/05/10 8:07 PM
To: Aunt Tracie (; Aunt Trisha (; Carly Grant (; Dad (; Dan Adair (; Grandma Adair (; Grandma Grant (; Grandpa Adair (; Mckenna (; Mom (; Robin (; Tanner (; Tricia Hales (; Uncle Joe (

Hello Family and welcome to the Korea Report, though all I know about is missionary work in Korea!!!!!!!!!
WE are set up for some pretty amazing miracles in this the month of our saviors birth! WE have about 12 investigators who have a good desire to be meeting with us whether it be for english or the gospel!:(I hate teaching english, if you can here my words never come to Korea to teach english!!!!!!!! Haha However among them we have 5 people who I am just way excited for! WE have two people who already have dates for the first sunday in January, we tried for christmas which no one really does anything for her in Korea but by chance both of them were busy that day! However we have another two who are absolutley miracle member refferals who should get baptized the week of christmas! One of them came to church for the second time yesterday, the first time was our first week here and I didn't know she was an investigator because I didn't know anyone at that point yet. but she showed up at church with her friend again yesterday and her friend was like재발, please teach her the gospel and yes I meant to put that Korean in their, it was what she said and it is how Koreans beg! lol So we were like fo course we will teach her, I was surprised but it was one of those good surprised! So this next week we have an appointment with her and her two daughters, the mom should gewt baptized and the two daughters will hopefully follow! The other miracle is sister임해원, she is friend with one of the laurels in our ward and has been to church already 5 times and if we can ever help her friend to get the courage up to ask her to be baptized on christmas she will get baptized then, last time when we asked about baptism she was really hesitant cause the mom asked first and then the missionaries followed, not her friend, so this next time will do it right! I think the bigger miracle than this girl going to get baptized is what it is teaching the 18 year old girl who reffered her and her family. Every time we have a lesson we get to see her testimony grow and it kind of opens the family up to one aNOTHERS tender sides because when the spirit is there all you can do is bear pure simple testimony and everyone in the family has done it at one time or another! The best was the first time we met in a teaching setting and asked her to follow the promise found in Moroni to read and ponder and ask! She was kind of silent so we asked her friend if she had done it and the answer was no, it was sweet to get to be able to bear testimony to both of them about the promise and then watch the laurels father who is the 1st counselor in the stake president teach his daughter a great lesson on the power of the holy ghost. In the end of the lesson we challenged both of them to read and pray together, follow up with one another and see if they couldn't help each otehr gain an answer! Its the same challenge I would give to everyone else who isn't sure, give it a try, read, ponder deeply, and pray! It doesn't matter what others say, if it is the word of god thats what it is and that is what you have to take it for! If you haven't tried it before해보세요, just give it a try you can't lose anything through jsut trying can you? I love this gospel and know that it is true and am so happy and glad to get to serve here in Korea at this time!
Love you all!
Elder Grant

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