Sunday, January 9, 2011

Miracles! 11-7-10

Hello Family! How are all of you?

This last week has been crazy hectic with a lot of leadership meetings and other such stuff going on in the mission and the zone but nonetheless it has been fairly satisfying! I feel as though the Lord has blessed us to be able to use our time more effectively as of lately and while we have been seeing much success this week things finally worked out in our part! I am way excited, we found a mother and her daughter to teach plus we now also have a part member family’s mom we are teaching as well. After 8 months of being here in this area I finally got her husband and two little boys who are members to come out to church, now it’s just a matter of working with her! Our baptism from last week was confirmed yesterday and once again it amazed me as I participated to feel the lord’s spirit in such abundance! We have seen some pretty cool miracles from the beginning of this week to the end and they just seem to not stop its almost as if once again the doors of heaven have been opened in bangwha! Lol for example a couple of nights ago as we were out on the street tracting we ran into this kid and had a great 154 minute talk. He had been a foreign exchange student in Utah and had lived with an LDS family. He said that he had always wanted to meet the missionaries in Korea but had never known how to find them and that the one time he had seen them he was riding a bus and they were walking on the street. He was way cool and way interested in the church. He said that the example the kids in Utah set for him had had a really big influence in his life and because of that he wanted to learn more. He couldn’t come to church yesterday cause he had a test but he promised to come to church this next week and we should meet him a couple of times before that as well, cool, huh? Lately in My study I have been studying a lot in 3 nephi and it just impresses me more and more as I continue to study it, christ’s love for all of us is absolutely amazing. I think one of my favorite parts comes in chapter 19 verse nine where the nephrites are praying for that which they desire most. It really made me think. When president Burton was here he told us that we should be careful for what we desire because the Lord Grants us our greatest desires, it really made me think what my hearts desire is at this time, am I in line with the lords desires? As I thought of that I thought about just life in General as well, we should ask ourselves many times in a day whether or not our desires are in line with the lords, are we striving to be what he would have us be, do what he would have us do, if we look back and try and bring our desires in line with his everyday I think it would go a long way to bringing us closer to him and also in allowing us to have the spirit more! Pretty cool that that is what the nephrites did and their hearts desire was answered. All is well on my end of the world, if not a little cold and wet with all the rain and wind! I sure love this work and at times wish that the world would stop spinning so I could just keep doing it! I love you all, Jesus is the Christ and he loves each and everyone of us!


Elder Grant

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