Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello America

Hello America!!!!!!!!‏

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This week has been a great week so far here in the book zone, we see miracles everysecond of every day! This week I spent two days away on splits in 금촌 with Elder 유준상 we had been worrying about how they were doing so wanted to get up and see if we could help them out. Recently they have been having a tough time in their companionship but as of late they seem to be doing a lot better. Here in our area we teuly feel very blessed. When I got back off of the exchange the standards looked to be a fairly long shot for us but in the end we saw tons of miracles and were able to set the example for our zone. Right now we have three people who are preparing to get baptized on the 6th of next month. We have sister moon who is doing amazing, she went with us to hear elder cook speak in young dung po and love i(even though cause she is a little older she slept the whole time!^^). Our only big worry with her is that she has lots of friends in the catholic church that she is attending, and even though she feels that our church is true she wants to continue going there, any ideas on how we can handle this kind of situation, its kinda hard to straight out tell her not to go to her other church, any ideas on how we could dop it in a tactiful manner? Becasue of a funeral she wasn't able to come to church yesterday buit she is already planning on our stake conference for this week! We also have brothers park and kim; brother park is 30 and amazing, he found us by calling the temple apparently a year ago a guy he was roommates with met with the missionaries and they left such a good impression on him that he called us up after a whole year to find out some more! His only big problem is overcoming the word of wisdom, so please pray for him on that account. We then have brother kim who is amazing, he keeps any commitment we give him and really is starting to gain a testimony of his own. We had a great lesson filled with the spirit with both of them yesterday which helped them realize the importance of finding out for themselves. This last week we picked up several good investigators as well. We have a family, 원유미, who has tons of interest in the church and actually called the temple to meet with us. It is such a huge blessing to have the temple in our area, because of the spirit it brings we see so many miracles every week! Just last night as we were going to meet a chinese investigator named Jerry we met another chinese person outside the church and got a text that jerry couldn't come, we spent an incredibly spiritual half-an hour with him speaking of the gospel, his english was just okay so we watched the restoration dvd in chinese and he said that he wanted to attend our church, that he felt it was true! Things are going great. Elder Harris and I are working hard and just seeing amazing things with one another. We feel that we can work harder and hopefully as we do things will soar, just a matter of getting that kind of desire into our whole zone! I love missionary work!!!!
Elder Grant

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week of Miracles

SO in the last four hours I have written about this last week 4 times. Once in my Journal, once to report to the ap's and once to president, know I have to write it to you?????????We had tons of miracles but please forgive me for being kind of grim at the prospect of having to write it again!!!!!!!!! Lol
Hello Family!!!!!!!!
This last week as stated above really was filled with miracles! We have three people with baptismal dates and two of them are fairly certain! I also got to be an instrument in the lords hands in helping out a new elder who is really struggling with the work, very homesick but on What I feel was one of the best exchenages of my mission things changed and he realized the power and purpose that comes in missionary work! This elder has been out here for three weeks and is just struggling with homesickness and is very shy so was having a hard time in the work. I brought him over into our area for the exchange and we had a great day! The whyole day i was trying to get him to have the confidence to talk to people and it just wasn't working and so I kept showing the good example by talking to as many as I could. Eventually we got to the point where he would look up at me as I looked at him and told him to bear testimony of the book of mormon and he would just look down and say, "I can't do it." To tell the truth before dinner I was starting to feel slightly annoyed because he wasn't even trying and then I thought of him as a person and how hard it must be for him and was thinking of what i could do to help him and praying at the same time. He sat down in one spot and I sat in the back of the bus we got on. Someone sat next to him and I once again said, "you got it Elder, you can do it, talk to him." 5 minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes passed by and nothing happend, I finished talking with the guy I was by and said to him again, " him." -------Silence------- at that point the guy got up and got of the bus. This elders whole boday seemed to sigh with relief and out of nowhere, I litterally mean nowhere I was saying, "Elder, what If you were that mans only chance at salvation?"------- His whole body went rigid and you could see the tears well up and start to spring out, I felt horrible to say the least but I also felt a sense of ease, like what I had said was right and would help. we transfered buses and got on the next one and with no prompting from me guess who talked to the man next to him? Yep, the shy elder got the courage up to do it after all day. We had several more very spiritual and hard experiences for this elder that day but by the end when we were talking about what was happening he looked at me and said, "what you said hurt me deep down, but it is true." He told me that he felt like the day had helped him establish and truly realize what the missionary purpose is. The next morning we walked out and he was talking to everyone! It was such a fun exchange and very spiritual overall, it is amazing to see how quickly the lord can help people t change if the will only let him! Saw many other miracles this week but i have already written the others so this is all you get!^^ I love you all
Elder grant

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miracles around the Temple 1-30-11

Hello.... miracles around the temple!‏

Hello Family!

So after the first week with Elder Harris all I can say is that i amso grateful for the opportunity. Elder Harris is an incrediblemissionary and we are already seeing tons of success in the areabecause of him and the fire he brings to the work. He is from portlanand has a family of 6!Thisweek we have had many miracles! These miracles have included the start ofachieving a goal of picking up a family of four and making them a succesfulfamily in the gospel(Pmg style), a man letting us into his home while wewere door knocking(Which as you know rarely happens in Korea), a membergiving us a refferal who should get baptized in three weeks(we meet hertonight), and this morning having an absolutley great study about workingwith members which should lead us to increased ward support and alsohopefully what every missionary hopes for,a bunch of refferals! We don'thave many investigators right now but the ones we do have are pretty goodand the new ones we picked up this last week should be amazing! The twobiggest miracles I felt came in the form of avchiecing our goals. On fridayin our planning meeting when we set our vision for the transfer we set alotof goals but our vision was all about establishing a succesful family in thegospel( in our mind a family of a dad, mom, so, and daughter) and our goalswere made accordingly! We decided that on the street even though it isharderto do we would focus on talking to families and focus our message on thefamily. We don't know if they are the start of our goals achievment yet butwe picked up a mom her 12 year old daughter, and 9 year old son plus theyhave another five year old daughter! The husband will hopefully be therewhen we meet in the future! The other miracle came in the form of dinner anda lesson with a recent convert and her non-member husband. Last night wewent to her house and had dinner. The same thing happened last week as welland at that time we had a wonderful lesson on asking and finding out forourselves and how it is all on our shoulders to act to find out. THe thingthat he responded with last week was a short and brief, "I believe in myhear, isn't that enough?" obviously not! Because this sister really wantsher husband to know the truth that she knows and because she really wants aneternal family with him and her son she's asked us over every sunday night.However, last night she invited us over and said don't call, I can't tell myhusband, just show up. huh???? To say the least I was very worried but thespirit said it would be okay. We planned a great lesson on faith and how itis belief and action using scriptures from alma 32 and mostly from james 2,it was a very powerful experience and in the end he commited to read achapter a day and pray every day. However, that's not all. At the end of thelesson I asked him to pray. He said that the last time he prayed was twentyfive years ago and so we briefly reviewed the method of prayer, however hisreal reason for bringing that fact up was that he was trying to evadepraying. When I asked him again he tried to defer it onto us and looked atme and almost suggested that I pray but he saw the look on my face and knewthat I wasn't about to say it and then he turned and said to my companion,you need to pray to bless my family.And we were both silent. That iswhen the holy ghost started working. I spoke of the article I reaad inthe liahona about how having others pray instead of ward leaders is away to increase their faith and make them better people. Then I spokeof his role in his family and explained that he had more power than usto call down the blessings of heaven upon his family and several otherthings and then things got quite and the spirit filled the room andsister 장수금 went and got her son to join us, I then looked at him andhe said, "oh...would you like me to pray? 기도하겠습니다" he then prayed andthe room was filled with a very special spirit! I was so thankful toget to be a part of something which is slowly bringing this familycloser to being an eternal family! I know the gospel is true and thatif really followed will bless many peoples lives and also eventuallyleads all to the happiness that comes with an eternal family. We mustprepare well while we are on this earth, our actions go miles ineternity and our wordsand actions speak tons to those around us! THisnext while lets all try to show the example of Christ to all of thoseclosest to us. If there is anything amiss in our lives the cool thingis that the savior knows and is just waiting for us to turn to him andhe will welcome us back! I love this gospel and IO love all of you!Strong ti'll the ends Baby!!!!!!!Love,Elder Grant

Short One Today 1-24-2011

Hey Ya'll

SO today is going to be a short email cause I have a headache andstaring at the computer doesn't make it any better! Today was ourtemple day so I didn't email yesterday and we had transfer calls lastnight. Elder Grant thought that he would just get to kick back andrelax this last transfer but not so, they have moved the xone leaderarea over to my area so I will finish out as zone leader of the bookstake zone! Life is going good here we have found several greatinvestigators and the recent converts are all doing good! It seemsthat I have caught a second wind of life even my companion commentedon it. I have caught the desire to ju8st work like crazy these lastfew weeks! hope all goes well for all this next week!LoveGreg

Sunday, January 16, 2011

BRRRR...Its the coldest it has been in ten years!!!!!!!‏

7:44 PM

Man is it cold outside! Glad we have heaters and are blessed to live in a good house or life would be prett dang miserable at night! This last week has been a good week, we improved a little bit from the week before and managed to find three new investigators which takes us up to a total of four people who are meeting with us now! We reall have gotten to see some miracles inthe last few weeks! one of them came on tuesday when it was freezing cold and we were out proselyting and met a 20 year old kid and sat him down and talked with him, he was way cool and we set up an appointment to meet on thursday. Now you have to understand that we set up appointments with probably 3 people a day on the street and abvout 95% of them never talk to us again. On Thursday he actually answered our phone call and showed up to the appointment and it was amazing. We spoke of the restoration and asked him to be baptized if he came to know it was true and thats when it seemed that the spirit kicked in and guided the lesson! in the end we asked him to get baptized on the 30th of this month and he said yes, however he wasn't able to come to church this unday so that date will have to be moved, but a miracle nonetheless. The big thing I am realizing in Missionary work is that a ton of it relies on others agency and has nothing to do with yours! i love this work and the fact that we get to see miracles everyday!
With Love,
ELder Grant

Monday, January 10, 2011

No the dmz 11-28-2010

Hey Momma Bear,
Don't worry about me, I am still alive and Kicking though you might not find this next bit funny! WHen North Korea struck seouth Korea I was at the DMZ on a tour! It was the very end of our tour so everyone was leaving anyway but you could tell that something had happened! Lol Talk about a crazy thought, there I was looking across the DMZ at there army and people farming behind them while at the other end of it North Korea was attacking our side, Wahh...... No worries, all missionaries are living and look to stay that way! The funny thing about things like this is that most koreans just hear about it and laugh, cause NK does it all the time, however from what we here this time it is a little more serious with some response expected from our side, pray for the saints faith here to be strengthened that a war does arise. Things are going well with the companion and we are having lots of fun! Talk with dad about my debit card, its almost expired so my hands on that end once again have some more work to do because of me, I'm n sorry! Hope this last week was fun for you, can't wait to get some pictures! The one thing I could use at christmas is a new journal! The one you gave me beforee I left was done along time ago but I had bought two exactly like it in the mtc so if they have those blue and tan leather ones at deseret book I would love to have another one of those to finish out the last few months! I love you and am so thankful for all that you do momma bear!

Christmas miracles in the works 12-5-10

Hello, Christmas Miracles in the works!!!!!!!!‏
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Hello Family and welcome to the Korea Report, though all I know about is missionary work in Korea!!!!!!!!!
WE are set up for some pretty amazing miracles in this the month of our saviors birth! WE have about 12 investigators who have a good desire to be meeting with us whether it be for english or the gospel!:(I hate teaching english, if you can here my words never come to Korea to teach english!!!!!!!! Haha However among them we have 5 people who I am just way excited for! WE have two people who already have dates for the first sunday in January, we tried for christmas which no one really does anything for her in Korea but by chance both of them were busy that day! However we have another two who are absolutley miracle member refferals who should get baptized the week of christmas! One of them came to church for the second time yesterday, the first time was our first week here and I didn't know she was an investigator because I didn't know anyone at that point yet. but she showed up at church with her friend again yesterday and her friend was like재발, please teach her the gospel and yes I meant to put that Korean in their, it was what she said and it is how Koreans beg! lol So we were like fo course we will teach her, I was surprised but it was one of those good surprised! So this next week we have an appointment with her and her two daughters, the mom should gewt baptized and the two daughters will hopefully follow! The other miracle is sister임해원, she is friend with one of the laurels in our ward and has been to church already 5 times and if we can ever help her friend to get the courage up to ask her to be baptized on christmas she will get baptized then, last time when we asked about baptism she was really hesitant cause the mom asked first and then the missionaries followed, not her friend, so this next time will do it right! I think the bigger miracle than this girl going to get baptized is what it is teaching the 18 year old girl who reffered her and her family. Every time we have a lesson we get to see her testimony grow and it kind of opens the family up to one aNOTHERS tender sides because when the spirit is there all you can do is bear pure simple testimony and everyone in the family has done it at one time or another! The best was the first time we met in a teaching setting and asked her to follow the promise found in Moroni to read and ponder and ask! She was kind of silent so we asked her friend if she had done it and the answer was no, it was sweet to get to be able to bear testimony to both of them about the promise and then watch the laurels father who is the 1st counselor in the stake president teach his daughter a great lesson on the power of the holy ghost. In the end of the lesson we challenged both of them to read and pray together, follow up with one another and see if they couldn't help each otehr gain an answer! Its the same challenge I would give to everyone else who isn't sure, give it a try, read, ponder deeply, and pray! It doesn't matter what others say, if it is the word of god thats what it is and that is what you have to take it for! If you haven't tried it before해보세요, just give it a try you can't lose anything through jsut trying can you? I love this gospel and know that it is true and am so happy and glad to get to serve here in Korea at this time!
Love you all!
Elder Grant