Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week of Miracles

SO in the last four hours I have written about this last week 4 times. Once in my Journal, once to report to the ap's and once to president, know I have to write it to you?????????We had tons of miracles but please forgive me for being kind of grim at the prospect of having to write it again!!!!!!!!! Lol
Hello Family!!!!!!!!
This last week as stated above really was filled with miracles! We have three people with baptismal dates and two of them are fairly certain! I also got to be an instrument in the lords hands in helping out a new elder who is really struggling with the work, very homesick but on What I feel was one of the best exchenages of my mission things changed and he realized the power and purpose that comes in missionary work! This elder has been out here for three weeks and is just struggling with homesickness and is very shy so was having a hard time in the work. I brought him over into our area for the exchange and we had a great day! The whyole day i was trying to get him to have the confidence to talk to people and it just wasn't working and so I kept showing the good example by talking to as many as I could. Eventually we got to the point where he would look up at me as I looked at him and told him to bear testimony of the book of mormon and he would just look down and say, "I can't do it." To tell the truth before dinner I was starting to feel slightly annoyed because he wasn't even trying and then I thought of him as a person and how hard it must be for him and was thinking of what i could do to help him and praying at the same time. He sat down in one spot and I sat in the back of the bus we got on. Someone sat next to him and I once again said, "you got it Elder, you can do it, talk to him." 5 minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes passed by and nothing happend, I finished talking with the guy I was by and said to him again, " him." -------Silence------- at that point the guy got up and got of the bus. This elders whole boday seemed to sigh with relief and out of nowhere, I litterally mean nowhere I was saying, "Elder, what If you were that mans only chance at salvation?"------- His whole body went rigid and you could see the tears well up and start to spring out, I felt horrible to say the least but I also felt a sense of ease, like what I had said was right and would help. we transfered buses and got on the next one and with no prompting from me guess who talked to the man next to him? Yep, the shy elder got the courage up to do it after all day. We had several more very spiritual and hard experiences for this elder that day but by the end when we were talking about what was happening he looked at me and said, "what you said hurt me deep down, but it is true." He told me that he felt like the day had helped him establish and truly realize what the missionary purpose is. The next morning we walked out and he was talking to everyone! It was such a fun exchange and very spiritual overall, it is amazing to see how quickly the lord can help people t change if the will only let him! Saw many other miracles this week but i have already written the others so this is all you get!^^ I love you all
Elder grant

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