Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miracles around the Temple 1-30-11

Hello.... miracles around the temple!‏

Hello Family!

So after the first week with Elder Harris all I can say is that i amso grateful for the opportunity. Elder Harris is an incrediblemissionary and we are already seeing tons of success in the areabecause of him and the fire he brings to the work. He is from portlanand has a family of 6!Thisweek we have had many miracles! These miracles have included the start ofachieving a goal of picking up a family of four and making them a succesfulfamily in the gospel(Pmg style), a man letting us into his home while wewere door knocking(Which as you know rarely happens in Korea), a membergiving us a refferal who should get baptized in three weeks(we meet hertonight), and this morning having an absolutley great study about workingwith members which should lead us to increased ward support and alsohopefully what every missionary hopes for,a bunch of refferals! We don'thave many investigators right now but the ones we do have are pretty goodand the new ones we picked up this last week should be amazing! The twobiggest miracles I felt came in the form of avchiecing our goals. On fridayin our planning meeting when we set our vision for the transfer we set alotof goals but our vision was all about establishing a succesful family in thegospel( in our mind a family of a dad, mom, so, and daughter) and our goalswere made accordingly! We decided that on the street even though it isharderto do we would focus on talking to families and focus our message on thefamily. We don't know if they are the start of our goals achievment yet butwe picked up a mom her 12 year old daughter, and 9 year old son plus theyhave another five year old daughter! The husband will hopefully be therewhen we meet in the future! The other miracle came in the form of dinner anda lesson with a recent convert and her non-member husband. Last night wewent to her house and had dinner. The same thing happened last week as welland at that time we had a wonderful lesson on asking and finding out forourselves and how it is all on our shoulders to act to find out. THe thingthat he responded with last week was a short and brief, "I believe in myhear, isn't that enough?" obviously not! Because this sister really wantsher husband to know the truth that she knows and because she really wants aneternal family with him and her son she's asked us over every sunday night.However, last night she invited us over and said don't call, I can't tell myhusband, just show up. huh???? To say the least I was very worried but thespirit said it would be okay. We planned a great lesson on faith and how itis belief and action using scriptures from alma 32 and mostly from james 2,it was a very powerful experience and in the end he commited to read achapter a day and pray every day. However, that's not all. At the end of thelesson I asked him to pray. He said that the last time he prayed was twentyfive years ago and so we briefly reviewed the method of prayer, however hisreal reason for bringing that fact up was that he was trying to evadepraying. When I asked him again he tried to defer it onto us and looked atme and almost suggested that I pray but he saw the look on my face and knewthat I wasn't about to say it and then he turned and said to my companion,you need to pray to bless my family.And we were both silent. That iswhen the holy ghost started working. I spoke of the article I reaad inthe liahona about how having others pray instead of ward leaders is away to increase their faith and make them better people. Then I spokeof his role in his family and explained that he had more power than usto call down the blessings of heaven upon his family and several otherthings and then things got quite and the spirit filled the room andsister 장수금 went and got her son to join us, I then looked at him andhe said, "oh...would you like me to pray? 기도하겠습니다" he then prayed andthe room was filled with a very special spirit! I was so thankful toget to be a part of something which is slowly bringing this familycloser to being an eternal family! I know the gospel is true and thatif really followed will bless many peoples lives and also eventuallyleads all to the happiness that comes with an eternal family. We mustprepare well while we are on this earth, our actions go miles ineternity and our wordsand actions speak tons to those around us! THisnext while lets all try to show the example of Christ to all of thoseclosest to us. If there is anything amiss in our lives the cool thingis that the savior knows and is just waiting for us to turn to him andhe will welcome us back! I love this gospel and IO love all of you!Strong ti'll the ends Baby!!!!!!!Love,Elder Grant

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