Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Week in Korea and lovin' kimchi...NOT...yet.

Hey,SO Korea is an amazing place! I absolutley love it here!THis last sunday I got to perform a baptism! The sisters taught a young woman who is 27 years old and she hadn't met any of the elders but my companion and I as he did her interview and she called me up the night before and asked me to baptize her! Wow what a cool experince! It was absolutley amazing!

THe weather has been good so far some days are way hot though! most are great! We are now headed into the rainy season, its raining cats and dogs today! HahaSO all of your questions I can't remember them all so I will just tell what it is like here!I am in area called dong jak its awesome- we are in a ward but they only have about forty active members and about two hundred inactive who never come- many places are like that in Korea, its tough to get people and retain them in the church with all the social drinking and pressures. Our ward is great to work with! We usually either eat out or cook our own meals! Since I have been here we have had dinner at one families home, wow do they put out a spread, I though I was done after the first course but there were still three sets of different food plates to go! Can you say stuffed! Haha

The other two elders in our apartment are in a different area so they travel about twenty minutes by bus everyday to ge there! Haha there fun guys to be with!The food is good so far- I haven't had to much of it but I am willing to try anything and everything! Kimchi and I don't get along too great but I will definitely start to love it soon!(Hopefully)So hmmmmmmm....I got my package from you mom, thanks- that velveeta was an Idea straight from heaven! Lol we had cheese sandwhiches! something which we can cook and not mess up! Haha yes I did get the last package with bread and jam! THanks a ton!
P-day today we are going to an electronic market to pick me up a translator- we get to bid on it! Lol so it should be kind of fun! SO a little bit about the area I am in we have two huge colleges in our area which is great! Because of that most of the people we teach are young single college students who are way busy but they make for some fun teaching! We usually walk everywhere except to the outskirts of our area we take public transit! Its all city... they can take the boy out of the country but they will never take the country out of me!!!!!! Lol at least I hope so! I love nature!!!!!!LOL

By where we live we have a little old woman who runs like a pet market slash beauty goods store. She has chipmunks and squirells in cages for sell! THey look as though they are rabid sprinting from the side to other side in the cage! Its kinda funny when you first see it! Well anyway I had better get going! Know that I love you all and love to hear from you!In every package send a stick of deodorant or toothpaste please! Deodorant is non-existant and toothpaste is horrible! LolGood thing I brought two sticks with me!Lol
Love you tons! Hope all is well family!Love,Greg

Thursday, May 14, 2009

First P-day in Korea

HEy everyone, so it is extremely sticky here compared to Idaho and Utah! I can;t telll you how much I hate humidity but no worries I will quickly learn to love it as the summer months are almost here and that will be some crazy stuff when we get to it!Haha So I got my new trainer today- his name is Elder Haviland! He seems like a truly great guy! I am already getting along better with him than I ever was with Elder Rowe! But thats okay because Elder Rowe taught me tons in the MTC and I love him for that! I live in a apartment right above some little old man who apparently smokes constantly and if he isn;t smoking he is just sucking on his ciggarette! Lol It is the tiniest apartment which I have ever seen- ecspecially when you are a 195 lb. 6'2" white man! Lol ITs crazy how small things seem to me here in Korea! Lol Everything is like half as short as it is in america! Lolso I love hearing from all of you- my P-day is on thursdays here so that is like wednesday in the states!LOlI think I will quickly grow to love Korea! My first zone looks to be like one of the poorer parts but I haven't seen muvh of it yet so you know how it goes!Lol The Korean language is crazy insane- they taught me some other language when I was in the MTC apparently because I can't catch anything of what they are saying- some of the trainers had only been in the field for si months and were speaking great Korean- So hopefully if I work my tailsisde off I will pick up the language wuickly and be able to communicate effectively when It comes to speaking of the gospel but also about other things!:) Well I need to write a few other seperate emails so I will be off!I love all of you, thanks for your support!Love,Elder Greg Grant

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From: Charles Grant []
Sent: Tue 5/5/2009 11:08 AM
To: Grant, Susan
Subject: Last Email from Utah

Hey, so not much going on here! Except tot he fact that we can't wait to get out of here! Haha
SO yes, we have our flight plans! WE fly out at 8:30 from Salt lake and land in L.A. at around 9:30 then we have a three hour layover! I will call if I have time during both! Tell Carly she should definatley stay home so I can talk to her! Lol normally we wouldn't talk very long but pres. Carlson says go for it since mothers day will be the day before and we don;t get to call! Wish we would have left a week wearlier! LOl Send the cell phone with Dad and tell him his class will just have to deal with him getting a call in the middle of class if he is in class when I call! Lol

Ooops, sorry I complained but I love hearing what goes on at home in a week! Nothing ever changes here so I like to know the world still rotates! Lol All of the mexico called missionaries are delayed till the swine flu clears up! ITs a good thing that we aren;t delayed by it! Lol

So, my korean is coming but I'm so dead when I get over there! The native Koreans speak to us and my ears just go... Uhhh... what language is that! Lol In other words I will not be able to know what people are saying and I will have a vocabulary much similar to michaels... onlty they are all gospel terms which I know! LOl
I'll write a long email on the next P-day I have, though I have no Idea when it will be so send me an email by tuesday next week with all of your questions about Korea! I finally get a full hour to write! Lol
Did you happen to transfer thart money over for me into my account! It will be good safety money as I travel and a great asset to have when I use it for the electronic dictionary! I absolutley love technology now that I have been away from it for 3 months! Lol
It will be nice to get more emails when I am over in Korea!
So I had to give my companion a blessing two nights ago because he was sick! First time I had ever given the blessing part and not just annointed! Wow, I have never felt the spirit so strongly! I truly felt as though it wasn't me speaking, that it was the lord granting him a blessing of Comfort so that he would feel better! I love the gospel it is awesome!
SO when the french open occurs I don;t want weekly updates but it would be nice to know who wins! Lol and tennis and prom pics. from carly are a must for the first package I'm totally looking forward to recieveing those!LOl
Sorry this email is so scattered but I am way excited to get the heck out of here! Lol I'll write more about what is going on in my snail mail letter! and the video! When you send the next package I could use some multi-vitamins as I think the spicy food isn;t going to be so hot for my stomach! Tell Dad he owes me a racket! I weighed myself for the last time yesterday as the gym is now closed for remodeling and I was 198- I came in at 203 and a little bit and have dropped just over five pounds! Wahooooooooo.... (That may be muscle weight though! Dang!) Oh well I lost it!
I love you tons Mom, tell every one that I'm doing great, loving it, can;t wait to get out, and that I love them!
Your son, Greg