Thursday, May 14, 2009

First P-day in Korea

HEy everyone, so it is extremely sticky here compared to Idaho and Utah! I can;t telll you how much I hate humidity but no worries I will quickly learn to love it as the summer months are almost here and that will be some crazy stuff when we get to it!Haha So I got my new trainer today- his name is Elder Haviland! He seems like a truly great guy! I am already getting along better with him than I ever was with Elder Rowe! But thats okay because Elder Rowe taught me tons in the MTC and I love him for that! I live in a apartment right above some little old man who apparently smokes constantly and if he isn;t smoking he is just sucking on his ciggarette! Lol It is the tiniest apartment which I have ever seen- ecspecially when you are a 195 lb. 6'2" white man! Lol ITs crazy how small things seem to me here in Korea! Lol Everything is like half as short as it is in america! Lolso I love hearing from all of you- my P-day is on thursdays here so that is like wednesday in the states!LOlI think I will quickly grow to love Korea! My first zone looks to be like one of the poorer parts but I haven't seen muvh of it yet so you know how it goes!Lol The Korean language is crazy insane- they taught me some other language when I was in the MTC apparently because I can't catch anything of what they are saying- some of the trainers had only been in the field for si months and were speaking great Korean- So hopefully if I work my tailsisde off I will pick up the language wuickly and be able to communicate effectively when It comes to speaking of the gospel but also about other things!:) Well I need to write a few other seperate emails so I will be off!I love all of you, thanks for your support!Love,Elder Greg Grant


  1. I love the website - especially the pics and the slideshow! Good work Sus. Can't wait to keep up on the Gregers. Love you all.

  2. Thanks for your help---you got me started! Next thing you know I'll be buying llamas online for my farm.

  3. I want to see those Ilamas for sure. Hello to Elder Greg --- I do hope he gets to see his blog. Glad to know he arrived in the field safely --- as I've been thinking about him. The language will come --- how can it not with the power you've got to help you.
    Love the Nyes