Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One Week in Korea and lovin' kimchi...NOT...yet.

Hey,SO Korea is an amazing place! I absolutley love it here!THis last sunday I got to perform a baptism! The sisters taught a young woman who is 27 years old and she hadn't met any of the elders but my companion and I as he did her interview and she called me up the night before and asked me to baptize her! Wow what a cool experince! It was absolutley amazing!

THe weather has been good so far some days are way hot though! most are great! We are now headed into the rainy season, its raining cats and dogs today! HahaSO all of your questions I can't remember them all so I will just tell what it is like here!I am in area called dong jak its awesome- we are in a ward but they only have about forty active members and about two hundred inactive who never come- many places are like that in Korea, its tough to get people and retain them in the church with all the social drinking and pressures. Our ward is great to work with! We usually either eat out or cook our own meals! Since I have been here we have had dinner at one families home, wow do they put out a spread, I though I was done after the first course but there were still three sets of different food plates to go! Can you say stuffed! Haha

The other two elders in our apartment are in a different area so they travel about twenty minutes by bus everyday to ge there! Haha there fun guys to be with!The food is good so far- I haven't had to much of it but I am willing to try anything and everything! Kimchi and I don't get along too great but I will definitely start to love it soon!(Hopefully)So hmmmmmmm....I got my package from you mom, thanks- that velveeta was an Idea straight from heaven! Lol we had cheese sandwhiches! something which we can cook and not mess up! Haha yes I did get the last package with bread and jam! THanks a ton!
P-day today we are going to an electronic market to pick me up a translator- we get to bid on it! Lol so it should be kind of fun! SO a little bit about the area I am in we have two huge colleges in our area which is great! Because of that most of the people we teach are young single college students who are way busy but they make for some fun teaching! We usually walk everywhere except to the outskirts of our area we take public transit! Its all city... they can take the boy out of the country but they will never take the country out of me!!!!!! Lol at least I hope so! I love nature!!!!!!LOL

By where we live we have a little old woman who runs like a pet market slash beauty goods store. She has chipmunks and squirells in cages for sell! THey look as though they are rabid sprinting from the side to other side in the cage! Its kinda funny when you first see it! Well anyway I had better get going! Know that I love you all and love to hear from you!In every package send a stick of deodorant or toothpaste please! Deodorant is non-existant and toothpaste is horrible! LolGood thing I brought two sticks with me!Lol
Love you tons! Hope all is well family!Love,Greg

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  1. Fun to hear what your ELDER is doing and how he's doing. I lOVE missionaries --- and I'm sure you can't wait each week for that email from him. Such a great experience for the whole family. Love to you Greg --- you are in our prayers.
    The Nyes