Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Awwwwwwwwwwww YEAAAHHHHHHH

Awwwwwwwwwwww YEAAAHHHHHHH!‏
Charles Grant (
Wed 5/27/09 10:16 PM
Hey Family and friends!This has been a great week here in Korea! The weather is really starting to heat up now though! Wow, I never knew that it could feel so hot! Lol sometimes it’s the food as well and not just the air which I am feeling outside! I’m am finally starting to enjoy eating Kimchi though many types are way to spicy for me to even atemp to eat a lot of!Lol For the most part we eat at our house for it is cheaper than eating out every meal! My companion and I made potatoes and chicken with gravy the other night! I do have to say I was pretty proud of us, I had no idea that I could make food like that! It was the best meal either of us have ever cooked we decided! (I will send pics. Of it when I send back my memory card.) I actually got the letter with it in it here in Korea the MTC must have forwarded it so thanks mom!

Daily happenings here………….hmmmmm….. Kind of hard to remember from day to day so I will tell a funny story then I will tell a kool story again. A couple of nights ago my comp. And I were returning to our house at about 9 0’clock and we were walking down this alley that is by a bunch of restaurants and there were about ten drunk old men outside of these restraints. There were two who were just totally wasted and they were leaning all over one another and staggering around in the middle of the alley. ..... It was so funny because we turned around and he was bent in half with the other guy looking at him waving his hand in front of his nose saying in Korean- “yikes, that just ain’t right!” it was stinking hilarious to hear this drunk guy use a phrase like that even in Korean! Haha

Now to get to the serious work! This last week we have been working really hard to contact as many people as possible and just yesterday we met someone who is really interested in hearing the gospel. We were out tracting on the street and stopped him about 50 yards away from our church and started talking to him, he said he was way busy and that he had to get to school quick but we ended up talking to him for lalmost an hour and got a return appointment! It was amazing because you could tell that he had been prepared to hear the gospel at that time. He had all sorts of questions which no one had been able to answer for him and we had all the answers to what he wanted to know! I can’t wait to meet with him again tomorrow for if we can commit him to reading the Book of Mormon I think he will come unto Christ and join the church!So now answers to some of the questions I have been asked.

My companion Elder Haviland is a great guy, he the district leader for our district and he is from Utah! He loves sports, loves hunting, and most importantly he loves the work! He plays lacrosse and goes to school at BYU! Not gonna lie he is a thousand times easier to get along with than elder Rowe ever was! Lol Thus we get along great! Haha The food is great here, its just noty as sweet as back home, that is something I really miss is like sweet and sour chicken type things! I could eat that kind of food every day! Here in Korea many times it is sour but its never sweet-only spicy spicy spicy! Haha, I love it though this I a great country! I sleep on a little tiny YO its about a foot to short so my feet hang off for what feels like ten miles!Lol its all good though! No worries Carly I have adapted to the sleep schedule fine though it’s a pain to wake up at six thirty- I still get up before the time passes! Hundred percent obedience baby!

SO what is going on in the world? We have heard news about North Korea firing up some nuclear missile testing! Is this true? Wait I know it is true, but whats going on with it? Haha Its funny to see how south Koreans act to north Korean news, it seems like they could care less what their neighbors do because they have the U.S. on their side! :LolHope all is well back home! I am loving Korea, and all that comes with it!Can’t wait to get the pictures form you Mom! If you haven’t sent the package yet, we loved the Velveeta cheese! Its great to use for cooking and makes for some easy food!If you send off the package soon I will get it in two weeks when we have zone conference! I love you all and wish you the happiest coming week!Love,Greg Grant

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  1. Great to hear all your news. You sound good and happy and working hard --- you are in our prayers every day. Love to you
    Sister Nye