Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 3, 2009

Hello and how the heck is everybody!So the computer is being really slow about opening up emails to read so I figured that I would get a jump start on writing this email! SO to make a long story short- what a crazy week! I feel as though last p-day was just yesterday. Which mom you will be happy to know that we went hiking on. (Yesss.......I KNEW it was in his blood...even in Korea: ) We went to the most famous hiking “Mountain” in Korea. It was more of a hill with a lot of rocks in the trail all the way to the top but it was just gorgeous the whole way up! We got up there and had an incredible view of the bigger part of Seoul, the pictures of it didn’t turn out to great because of the smog though.

So I just read dad’s email that says that NADAL LOST AT THE FRENCH!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. SO pretty much this means that ROGER FEDERER is like the best player of all time as soon as he wins it on Sunday! SO glad to hear that! Last P-day as we were waiting for a bus back from the mountain there was a court right by the bus stop and there were some guys playing on it! I wanted to go down there and show them how its done but figured I better get on the bus! The play on dirt courts here in Korea, I can’t wait to try them out. Many areas have tennis courts next to the apartments which people play on for exercise in the mornings! Hope I get sent there one of these times!SO we had interviews yesterday and president told Elder Haviland and I that unless something drastic changed in the mission we would be together the next transfer. Elder Haviland will now have been in this area for six transfers! Lol He just loves it here, or so he says.

We went to dinner at a members house Monday night and there little boy was running around, reminded me of Michael cause he stripped his diaper off and was running around stark naked! Lol Embarrassed his Mom to death!

So we have an investigator whom I am way close to we are the same age here in Korea (Korean age I am 20) and it means alot to be the same age as someone, we had a baptismal date set for the 25 but his mom doesn’t want him to be baptized. As we have been teaching him we couldn’t tell whether or not he really wanted to be baptized or if he even believed what we were teaching but last night confirmed to us that he loves the gospel and wants to be baptized with all his heart, he let the two members we were teaching with leave the room then asked us to wait a moment and told us… he was in tears as he said he would have to push his baptismal date back so that he could talk it over with his mother. I love this kid to death, his name is Pock G Hong, he has an absolutely amazing spirit, please keep him in your prayers and pray that his Mom’s heart will be softened towards the church.Hmmm, I can’t really think of much else to write about.

We went on splits this last Monday and I was with Elder Rowes companion, hes so quiet just as is Elder Rowe and because of that when we were contacting I did lots of talking which was very good for my Korean it made me use it more than I have ever had to before and let me know that if I will just take a second to think I can say much more than I think I can.

I don’t care what kind of mail I get! The E-mails are quickest but i love both! Just keep sending them is all I can say! I got your snail mail letter yesterday at interviews so it has been fun to be able to read it. So I guess you also want to know a bit about the area I am in, it has two huge universities who’s names I am to lazy to try to translate over to english! Lol We do a lot of talking up there, most people are willing to listen, but being willing to learn is another story! Almost everyone we teach has a Word of Wisdom Concern, they all have to go into the army and in the initial hazing they get hooked on beer, and the army gives them all the cigarettes they want for free so most men smoke, and we aren’t allowed to contact or teach women because of the culture. I’ll try to send pics. And something for T-mans birthday within the next Week, by the way how much money is still on my debit after I bought my translator?Hope all is well and sunny at home!

Love you all,Elder Greg Grant

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