Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 24, 2009--Hebert's miracle and silk worm larvae

Hey Everyone,How is life going this week?

My life is the same Ole’ except with New Miracles popping up all over the place! That’s the way missionary work should be! Lol, so chalk it up to the weirdest food I have eaten in country- lets go for more of the silk worm larvae! Haha it was delicious…… not! Anyway it tastes a lot like dirt! No worries when I come home I will bring some for you to try!Awesome to hear that the knudsens emailed you! They’re a great couple! We went to their house for dinner with our recent baptism and a guy who’s in Korea from Columbia! This guy has an amazing life story.

I won’t do it justice in here but he spent an hour telling us about his life. He was born out of wedlock in drug infested Columbia his mom was only seventeen and his dad left when he wasn’t quite one year old yet. This was such a traumatic experience that even though he was so young he remembers what his dad was wearing and that his mom was crying like crazy. Throughout his life his mom abused him physically, emotionally, and mentally. Then, at the age of fourteen she took him to meet his father to see what kind of man he was. His father was living with a women and had 13 children of which he all abused- he chased them off at the point of a machete. Throughout the rest of his teen years he moved away from home as he couldn’t stand living with his mother. He is amazingly brilliant and scored well on the test they take there that is similar to the ACT and got into the top school for psychology in the country. Because of complications(Depression) from his childhood he was kicked out and had to get treatment. Two years latter he was accepted into the 2nd best school but the same thing happened. In short he had a terrible life and came to Korea to escape it. He is fluent in English as in he sounds like we do when we are talking with friends and he taught himself all he knows about it in the two years he has been here in Korea. This Guy Hebert is absolutely amazing, from his life you would think he would be a hardened, tough luck kind of guy; but he has a special spirit about him. He’s got many fears right now because of what happened when he was younger- but it was ll to prepare him for the gospel. He is ready for it and I have no reserve in saying that the Lord has something special reserved for him here in this earth in the gospel!

The other miracle was 김 성 호, he was baptized! I got to baptize him this Sunday and he just came up beaming! Miracle.

Alright, funny story time! So there was a little boy baptized by the other elders in our house this weekend and he was nervous, more so about the water than anything else! They got him in to do it the first time and he bolted out of the font screaming and crying that the water was to cold(FYI it was freezing-I would know!lLol) After about twenty minutes his mom talked him into getting into the font again and as he was whimpering he was………….baptized…………and when he came up……….he was…………….Screaming Bloody murder!!!!!!!!! It was so funny to watch! We all felt bad for him though and wished that it could have been an incredible experience for him… at least he wont forget it! Hopefully his confirmation is better!So the rains have yet to hit- its just hot and muggy all over the place!

And no Carly event though I bought sparkly ties I did not pick myself up a manbag- Oh… wait… I do carry around something very similar to a purse! Lol I have to admit the idea of a purse when I get home is very appealing! It just holds so much stuff! I’ll stick with just the wallet though! Well, everything is good! Language is slow but it is coming!
Love you all,Elder Greg Grant

p.s. I'm staying in the same area for this next transfer!

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