Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June 30, 2009 P-Day

Hey Everyone,Sounds as though it has been one of those exciting weeks back home!

Sheesh, why does all the excitement happen after I’m gone? LOL Glad to hear that all are still safe and well though! Glad to hear Federer is once again up to his dominating form in the tennis world! LOL I am always happy to hear that! Maybe he will still be playing when I get home!YAY, I passed of my first set of Korean skills! SO in the mission we have this thing called pass-off and the first section is way intense with tons of vocabulary and different sentences and scriptures you have to remember, the next part is just a regular old grammar book for Korean so it is as easy as studying Korean can be! Anyway, I got all of that done, talk about a stress filled week! Wheew, anyway the Korean is coming slowly but it is coming!

Not so much to write this week we have to go and clean the house today because we have our house check tomorrow! Monsoon season has hit in all its furry! I have never seen it rain so hard or so much in my entire life! At times its way scary to, especially when your walking in it and can’t even see in front of you! Nifty beans huh? So last night was a very cool night great for sleeping except to the fact that a huge storm hit at about 2 in the morning- loudest thunder that I have ever heard- Almost made me wish that I could come home T!Lol it woke all of us in our house up, it sounded like you had your ear right next to the pins when a bowling ball hit- lightning everywhere! It was quite something for a little country-boy from Idaho to see!

So miracles of the week, not much, but there is always at least one everyday! The big one is that we are looking at four baptisms for sure in the next two weeks and we have another two if they can get over there drinking problems! They both should do it, they want to be baptized and are working their tails off to quit drinking but you never know what might come up!

One of them is just the sweetest old man, he’s about 62 and he loves fishing and feeding pigeons, and of course he hits the sauce hard on the weekends with his old man buddies! He’s very upright in telling us about it but he is very ashamed about his problem- he’s doing great though as he managed to drink little enough last Saturday that he could come to church and comprehend all that was going on!(He was still a little buzzed though!) I love this man, he reminds me of funny grandpa dredge somewhat in his personality though he is a lot more shy.

Korean food is amazing, Americans should take a spin off of how they do food- though I still would kill for one of those burgers you will probably have this week! Anyway so we had this meal at a members house and it was absolutely amazing. They make a seaweed soup and bring it to a boil on like a little tiny camp stove in the middle of the table and toss in tons of veggies(Mushrooms, Onions, lettuce) and then throw in slowly very thinly sliced beef and it cooks in about three seconds and you all just eat out of there, wow it is the best thing ever, definitely want to bring that recipe home for you to try. It is a food called shaba shaba in the roman alphabet, its amazinggggggggggggg!

I think its time for lunch! I have had just a couple bits of fruit all day and it is now three O’clock! I AM HUNGRY!
Anyway, I am doing great love to hear from everybody!
Love,Elder Greg Grant

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