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P-day, June 15, 2009

Lets all laugh at the funny Americans!‏
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Wed 7/15/09 10:40 PM

Hey Family and friends who get to read this! Korea is absolutely amazing! I’m really starting to think that some god none spicy chicken sounds good! Maybe a fong’s number ten or something like that! I just got my haircut and man is it short in the back and long on top, Korean stylist can’t seem to get the hang of American hair! Lol

Anyway today was our temple day and as usual it was amazing! The temple here is so small it still amazes me, the cool thing is that all the wards in Korea go once a week for a ward temple night or day according to where they live!

So this last week we had another baptism, a guy by the name of 김 종절Jumped into the font. He is a little bit of a different guy but he lives with his grandma who is a member. He understood really slowly but hearing him talk about why he wanted to get baptized was amazing! He’s got a strong testimony and if he can get away from his current friends and find ones in the church he should do amazing!

This next weekend we have four baptisms lined up; we have a family-two parents and a grandma- and then a man by the name of 죄 선묵 who is 47, I love this man- we picked him up off of an English flyer and he was at first completely English interest but our amazing teaching skills, okay the spirit managed to change his mind it wasn’t us! Lol He helps me with my Korean and I help him with my english- he says he likes talking to me more than elder haviland simply because I have yet to be konglished! I am not sure whether or not to take that as a compliment but he is truly amazing!Lol He has a problem with drinking but has worked hard to overcome it. He’s cut back a ton from when we started and this Saturday’s goal is to drink none! The sad thing is that he and his friends all work so hard throughout the week and the only time they get together is to get wasted on Saturday, so hopefully when he feels the spirit during baptism he will realize he has made the right choice!

Funny story for the week comes from my lack of Korean ability! We were teaching a man whom we had pulled off of the street into the church a short first lesson and I was struggling a bit trying to teach the apostasy apparently as I tried to say, “Christ and his apostles were killed by evil men.” However, what came out was this, “Christ killed his apostles and evil men.” I mixed up the marker on men and Christ. It is crazy how easily you can change the meaning of a Korean sentence! Anyway, the guy was like- uhh…. What was that. And then I realized what I had said and we all had a good laugh over my lack of Korean! Haha you have to laugh at those or your gonna have a heck of a long mission! 

Anyway, this week has been a good one, we got some cheese from the old mission president of Pusan who moved the other day out of the ward! I never realized how much I could miss cheese and how much better it makes food taste! I’ve made the decision to give up peanut butter as it is 10 dollars for a tiny tiny bottle- we would buy one every other week a piece but it just hits the wallet way to hard! Good thing that I like Kimchi then!

Hope all is good. It has been raining so hard here that it breaks your umbrella no matter what kind you have- no worries I got a bit sturdy one for the next time the down pour starts!

Love you all,Elder Greg Grant

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