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P-Day Post July 22, 2009

Apparently "I'm a Fighter not a Lover!"‏
Charles Grant (
Wed 7/22/09 8:49 PM

Hey dear Family and friends!So we are now officially half way through rainy season! Actually it isn’t that bad, apparently this year they are experiencing a drought so it only rains about one day in three!Lol I hope it is the same next year so that I get away from the crazy rain! It may not be raining much but the humidity is an absolute killer! The other day we walked outside and were soaked to the bone in just about 5 minutes! It was crazy.

So this last week we had four baptisms, a family and a guy about dads age except he looks like he is seventy, he’s the sweetest man that I have ever met. Miracles abound every day here, many are experiencing a lack of baptisms and having trouble finding new people to teach but here in 동 작 we are being blessed. Just the other day we picked up another baptismal date for the second of august. We met him the first time and he said to us, “when can I get baptized?” He’s a refferal from the son in the family that we baptized, his best friend. He has been to church three times now and wants his friend to baptize him! Its awesome how the Lord helps the work if you are working your hearts out! This week has been tough but I have learned lots of important life principles.

One of the favorite things I heard this week was at district meeting an Elder was talking about Elder Bednars talks when he was here. Elder Bednar was speaking of faith and the process by which we obtain faith. There is us and a pillar of light with a mist of pure blackness before us. When we DESIRE to have greater faith we touch the midst then we eventually leave the light and walk into the darkness and the light will follow us and this is the basic process. I didn’t get the full story obviously but I felt as though this was the perfect description of getting faith only that the light rarely immediately follows. I felt that God leaves you in the darkness for a few days. Funny thing was we were talking about this during comp. Study a few days later and I said that and Elder Haviland told me that that was exactly what Elder Bednar had said when he talked with all of them. Coming to have faith is tough, and at times it feels as though you are alone but its amazing what you gain when after the right amount of time the Lord allows that light beam to shine on you again.

Funny story for the week- involving sports and once again the Grant competitive spirit coming to surface. We were playing basketball for exercise time the other day and we were playing twenty-one. Keep in mind I hate to lose. I had won the first two games but in the third elder haviland was ahead of me 16-11, the other two elders don’t matter as they can’t ever get past ten, anyway, I was getting a little competitive and decided I would put some pressure up top on elder haviladn, long story short I frustrated the heck out of him!Lol However as our competitive juices kept building we started playing harder and I took elder Havilands head to my nose. Blood starting gushing everywhere. Don’t worry mom, I said funny story not E.R. type story. I then went into the bathroom and plugged my nose up but blood was coming from somewhere else and it turned out to be a little maybe 1/4 inch long cut on my nose, I cleaned it off and could see down to the bone! J Long story short it kept bleeding(Slightly) all through study and it wasn’t big so I just tossed a butterfly band-aid on and called it good. Boy did I get stares all day long, everyone was wondering if I was a fighter and such. Apparently I resemble a famous fighter over here. Good or bad I don’t know but apparently He won several world titles! Lol No worries, we took a couple pictures!

Hope you are having fun in Oregon, wish I could be there with you! Can’t wait to get some beautiful pics.Love you all,Elder Greg Grant

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