Thursday, August 6, 2009

Transfers---New Companion, same area

Hey Everyone!!!

SO this week was transfers! What was going to happen we had no clue, but last Thursday we got a call from President Burton and he wanted to meet with us. We met and he called my trainer to pull the position of A.P. It was quite funny as he sat there stunned and the first thing he says to me after president leaves, “Elder, I have to get new clothes.” We have been making fun of his clothing’s sad state for the last three months- all holy and torn! Lol

SO what is going on with me, I am staying here in dong jak and my new companion is elder skousen. He is actually already living with us as he is or was serving in shileem the area we live with in our house. He is the short one in the pictures of us hiking. He has been in country for just under a year and coming over with me he just barely went senior so it should be fun.Hmm… what went on this week, not much. Because elder haviland went A.P. I have ben in a threesome with my new comp. And his old one for the past three days. I have to say that that was just kind of weird, I think I prefer where there is only two of you cause you can speak with people a lot easier!

Sorry this one is short but I don’t have much time today! I love hearing from everyone so keep the emails coming.

Love ya’llElder Grant

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