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New Bridge Fountain Performs Water Dance in Central Seoul

Seoul’s latest urban redesign project is a high-profile new city landmark -- and a new entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. This month the Rainbow Bridge Fountain, the world's longest such fountain, opened on the Banpo crossing of the Han River in central Seoul. The fountain runs along both sides of the 570 meter-long bridge for a total length of 1140 meters. With the nozzles at rest pointing out and slightly downwards, the effect is of a waterfall coming off both sides of the bridge. But the water jets can also “dance” in time to lighting from under the bridge, creating undulating patterns of water and light. The effect is especially dramatic when seen at night from the Han River Park on the south bank, with the lights of downtown Seoul and Seoul Tower in the background. The bridge itself is a double-decker, with a lower deck view something like being inside a waterfall.With computer-controlled choreography, the bridge fountain can perform a variety of shows. Show times are daily at 2, 3, 4, 7:30 and 8:30 pm.
The Rainbow Bridge Fountain is part of a larger 30-year Han River Renaissance project began in 2007 to make better use of the Han River Park (Hangang Park) and surrounding areas as central urban space and to set the tone for Seoul as an attractive environment. The effect of the ambitious river renaissance project is already being seen, not just in high profile installations like the Banpo bridge fountain, but also in overall improvements in access to and landscaping of riverside parks along both banks.
Best way to get there is as a pedestrian or on bicycle from any nearby Han River Park access. From the south side (Banpo-dong) the nearest subway station is the Express Bus Terminal stop, line 3 or 7.
[Input: May.11, 2009, 18:28/Modified: May.11, 2009, 18:34] Source : Tourism Promotion Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government

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