Thursday, June 18, 2009

P-Day June 17, 2009

Hey everybody, so the humidity has arrived and it is kicking my rear end! Haha, rainy season supposedly starts in less than a week and so you can definatley feel the humidity starting to build up in the air. Its gotten really hot this last week- hot enough that even I am down to sleeping without my sheet! I hate sleeping without some sort of weight on top of me! Ugh

So this week has been one full of miracles! We started meeting a guy named 김 성 호 about two weeks ago and he is getting baptized this Sunday! He was so prepared from the minute that we met him! He loves the gospel and also loves helping me with my Korean! Lol in the last three meetings with him he has taught me a ton, to bad its all slang and can’t be heard coming from the mouth of a missionary! He’s amazing though- when we taught him the commandments he accepted all of them without a second thought! We taught him tithing was only ten percent and he said, “What, That’s all it is?” It was a testimony builder to me on tithing! Many times we think it is a burden to pay it, but it isn’t that much. Many people here pay their church over 50% of their incomes just so they get in good standing with their preachers! Its insane……. Preachers also sell there congregations to other preachers!Lol its quite the business, religion is, here in Korea.

Any way, what is the funny story for the week… So We were in a restraurant with the above mentioned baptismal date and he was teaching me how to say the word for chopsticks and I couldn’t get it right so I was working off of the"If you fail, try and try again" principle, and I couldn’t understand why people were looking at me funny and why our investigator was rolling on the ground with laughter. Come to find out I was saying it slightly wrong and I was saying the equivalent of the F word several times over in Korean! “Hey I didn’t know any better!” Lol It was quite a good laugh for me when I finally realized what was going on, and I did finally get the word for chopsticks down, it is a U sound not an O sound!Lol

Many miracles were seen this week as we are teaching tons of people, and upping our member taught lessons- its amazing how many people just appeared out of nowhere wanting to be baptized- currently we have 5 potential baptisms on the docket for the next three weeks four of which are almost certain to get baptized! I love this place- its got so much culture and just amazing people. I’m in Dong Jak for those who were wondering- its in the middle of Seoul, and its just like a county name in Seoul.

So I got the package from you Mom, thanks a ton- I loved all the pictures, and Dad were you really going to eat that Stone fly? Haha Wish I Could have been there to see that! Did you get the fish to rise for the stone fly hatch again then? That is one of my favorite memories of going to Yellowstone; that time we hit the hatch just right and spent like an hour throwing those suckers into the monster rainbows just sitting there waiting for us to feed them! Haha Haven’t got to watch the movie from home yet but I will get to it right after we go shopping, no worries! Lol we went to the temple here this morning and it was absolutely amazing. Its smaller than any temple I have ever seen before! Okay t-man I am sorry about your birthday but your present won’t be there for about three or four months because it is way expensive to air mail back to the states because of the exchange. It costs you about thirty and it costs me almost 100 so to slow boat it it is only twenty so that is how all packages will be coming! Lol P.s. your birthday is a Korean ping-Pong paddle, its sweet! Lol and I have yet to be beat here in country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad to hear that missionary blessings go all around in ways of safety! Holy smokes that’s some crazy stuff when that happens. Glad you're all Okay! Now I will try to answer your questions since I just got your email. Normal day… there really aren’t;any normal days here in Korea, I have yet to go door knocking. It is the least a\effective way to contact people here in korea because they all live in high rise apartments and have cameras linked to their doorbells so they can see who is at the door, but we get a ton of investigators from the local universities chewn ang, and sum shirl colleges. Wow its akward to put those into English letters! Haha Glad to know everyone in the family is okay and that you took the white van and not the gray car! I love all of you tons! Love,Elder Greg Grant

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