Wednesday, June 10, 2009

June 10, 2009 Another P-Day

Hey 여로분, hope this last week has been a great one for you! Its kinda of been a long one for me, but hey that’s part of a mission! Can’t tell you how crazed I was about hearing that federer finally won! Hey mom forward this to all my friends if you aren’t already will you! Thanks.

So not much went down in the last week, the young man I told about last week is not going to get baptized and it looks as though we are going to end up dropping him as he no longer returns calls or texts and will hardly speak to us. We went and met with him last night and we both had the distinct feeling that it wasn’t his mom putting pressure on him it was just that he doesn’t believe what we have been teaching him. Its to bad that we couldn’t help him to see the importance of this gospel. Its hard to let people go, especially when you know that they are your brothers and sisters in the gospel. Its so much easier to talk to people when you view them that way too. This last week I have been trying to view people as someone I had met before in heaven and been good friends with, its amazing how much it has changed my view as I have done so, it almost makes me scared for every person who walks past because they simply don’t know what they are missing! I can truly say that I love the Korean people!

This last week was a particularly tough one with the language, I feel as though I should be making leaps and bounds, but am not- I almost feel as though I am at the same place I was when I came into the country. Not going to lie, it ticks me off! Haha everything in school came easy- I could pull A’s and B’s without even studying and all of the sudden I am studying harder than ever before and getting what seems like less result for the work. Its so frustrating, but hopefully it will eventually come. SO the miracle of the week came in the form of a twenty two year old young man. He has been coming to the church on Thursdays the last couple of weeks to play basketball and one day we were teaching a lesson on the streets at about 8:45 and he stopped to say hi, we quickly pulled him aside and talked with him for ten minutes and set up an appt. to play B-ball with him that Saturday, I have never seen someone ask so many questions or one who is so prepared to hear the gospel! We meet him for a third time tonight! He’s truly a great guy- who claimed to have crazy ping-pong skills which I quickly disproved as I beat him 21-9! Lol we had fun playing though! I have played enough ping-pong with Koreans that I feel as though I could safely beat Brock! OLSO

This last Wednesday was zone conference, it was Olympics at the Seoul Olympic stadium! I was happy as I managed to run a 5K in just under 20 minutes I still have a little bit of my lungs from tennis and working out back home! ol We then held the Olympics in the big stadium there, it was way fun and then we went back to the mission home for a meeting at 2. It was a great meeting and we talked about always having our line in the water like the successful fisherman.
(PMG Pg. 152) Read it if you have time its what we need to do to succeed at all things in life! Tennis, we have to practice we can’t just go and aimlessly hit a ball for four hours and think it will make us better even if it is fun! Lol Love ya’ll, Elder Greg

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  1. Great to hear about Elder Greg. Sounds like you are doing good --- AND I know the language will all of a sudden come --- I promise. Sorry about the guy that dropped off --- but hope the new one will stay with you and accept the Gospel.
    Have a great week.
    Sis. Nye