Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hello America

Hello America!!!!!!!!‏

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This week has been a great week so far here in the book zone, we see miracles everysecond of every day! This week I spent two days away on splits in 금촌 with Elder 유준상 we had been worrying about how they were doing so wanted to get up and see if we could help them out. Recently they have been having a tough time in their companionship but as of late they seem to be doing a lot better. Here in our area we teuly feel very blessed. When I got back off of the exchange the standards looked to be a fairly long shot for us but in the end we saw tons of miracles and were able to set the example for our zone. Right now we have three people who are preparing to get baptized on the 6th of next month. We have sister moon who is doing amazing, she went with us to hear elder cook speak in young dung po and love i(even though cause she is a little older she slept the whole time!^^). Our only big worry with her is that she has lots of friends in the catholic church that she is attending, and even though she feels that our church is true she wants to continue going there, any ideas on how we can handle this kind of situation, its kinda hard to straight out tell her not to go to her other church, any ideas on how we could dop it in a tactiful manner? Becasue of a funeral she wasn't able to come to church yesterday buit she is already planning on our stake conference for this week! We also have brothers park and kim; brother park is 30 and amazing, he found us by calling the temple apparently a year ago a guy he was roommates with met with the missionaries and they left such a good impression on him that he called us up after a whole year to find out some more! His only big problem is overcoming the word of wisdom, so please pray for him on that account. We then have brother kim who is amazing, he keeps any commitment we give him and really is starting to gain a testimony of his own. We had a great lesson filled with the spirit with both of them yesterday which helped them realize the importance of finding out for themselves. This last week we picked up several good investigators as well. We have a family, 원유미, who has tons of interest in the church and actually called the temple to meet with us. It is such a huge blessing to have the temple in our area, because of the spirit it brings we see so many miracles every week! Just last night as we were going to meet a chinese investigator named Jerry we met another chinese person outside the church and got a text that jerry couldn't come, we spent an incredibly spiritual half-an hour with him speaking of the gospel, his english was just okay so we watched the restoration dvd in chinese and he said that he wanted to attend our church, that he felt it was true! Things are going great. Elder Harris and I are working hard and just seeing amazing things with one another. We feel that we can work harder and hopefully as we do things will soar, just a matter of getting that kind of desire into our whole zone! I love missionary work!!!!
Elder Grant

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