Monday, January 10, 2011

No the dmz 11-28-2010

Hey Momma Bear,
Don't worry about me, I am still alive and Kicking though you might not find this next bit funny! WHen North Korea struck seouth Korea I was at the DMZ on a tour! It was the very end of our tour so everyone was leaving anyway but you could tell that something had happened! Lol Talk about a crazy thought, there I was looking across the DMZ at there army and people farming behind them while at the other end of it North Korea was attacking our side, Wahh...... No worries, all missionaries are living and look to stay that way! The funny thing about things like this is that most koreans just hear about it and laugh, cause NK does it all the time, however from what we here this time it is a little more serious with some response expected from our side, pray for the saints faith here to be strengthened that a war does arise. Things are going well with the companion and we are having lots of fun! Talk with dad about my debit card, its almost expired so my hands on that end once again have some more work to do because of me, I'm n sorry! Hope this last week was fun for you, can't wait to get some pictures! The one thing I could use at christmas is a new journal! The one you gave me beforee I left was done along time ago but I had bought two exactly like it in the mtc so if they have those blue and tan leather ones at deseret book I would love to have another one of those to finish out the last few months! I love you and am so thankful for all that you do momma bear!

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