Sunday, January 9, 2011

The holidays are here! Or are they 12-12-10

The Holidays are Here, or are they there? Well in any case it's that time of year!!!!!!!!!‏

Merry Christmas from Korea everyone and welcome to the shinceon temple district!We have been really busy in the last week, tons of meetings and lotsof missionary work. Right now we have about 18 investigators and 5 ofthem are on the verge of baptism it is just a matter of helping themto realize the fact that baptism is a beggining and that the hard partis living according to the covenant that they make through baptism.Sister shin sung ha has decided to be baptized this next month on thesecond. Yesterday at church I was so worried when ten minutes throughsacrament she still wasn't there, however after the prayer I heard thedoor open and so I looked up and I don't think there could have been aperson with a bigger smile on their face there than I had at thatmoment! We had three investigators there yesterday, two memberrefferals and then the lady I just told you about, all three of themshould get baptized in the next month and hopefully the young womanwho is carlys' age will get baptized on christmas eve if we can everget her friend to ask because whenever we do it the situation justgets really akward even when the spirit is there, I think it issomething this young member has to do so that not only here friend canprogress in the gospel but so she can as well! We also have myfavorite investigator ever, his name is lee bum kewn, yeah yeah Iknow, almost as bad as gus foot huh mom?, anyway he is amazing! Onlyour second time meeting I was talking about baptism and he looked atme and said, can I be baptized to. We have been working with him sincethen. His job that had him working late nights on sundays andsaturdays ended this last weekend so this next sunday he is going tocome to church and his plan is to get baptized on the second ofjanuary as well. However he has a big problem with smoking anddrinking, and he is only twenty years old, he has been smoking sincehe was 14, crazy huh, it is wicked stuff, if you are in high schooland reading this level, or even if you are an adult, never get intothose bad habits. The good thing about him is that he really wants tostop so is trying. He was up to smoking three packs in a day a whileago and we have him down to less than one pack now and this last timehe told me, "I just have to do it, i can't go down little by littleanymore." So he handed me all of the ciggarettes and lighters he hadwith him, which was a fair amount mind you and that was that, so farhe is doing okay but he's not out of the woods yet, we should get himthere though! Man I love this work! I got an email from president leelast week and it looks like Elder Kim will be transfered this nexttransfer which happens a week early(This wednesday) because ofchristmas. I love elder Kim to death but I am going to be relieved ifwe get split apart, it is tough having a companion who is brand new tomissionary work and is really trunky. he saw his mom this last wek atthe temple and it sent him for a spin. I almost had to bodily keep himfrom sprinting up there to see him. Man it will be a big stressreliever once we are split up, the temple area deffinatley is not aplace to have Koreans, they see their girlfriends, parents, friendsand at least in elder kims case it causes him to lose focus andeventually for both of us to not be able to do the work aseffectively, he isn't very happy with me for keeping me from thetemple and his mom, but hey, we'll stick to the rules! We have hadtons of miracles lately, it is amazing! Last night for example afterwe tried to visit a less active member we set a goal of five peopletalked to and a return appointment with one of them. As we werewalking i saw a man about 50 feet ahead and said "He will accept thegospel!' Well we had a good fifteent minute long talk and in the endwe will meet him this upcoming saturday! Amazing miracles! I reallylove this missionary work! Christ lives and lets not any of us forgetthat this holiday season!With Love,Elder Greg Grant!!!!!!

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