Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Snow of the Year in Korea 11-28-10

Hello, Talk about bitter cold out on the streets, though not near as bad as it sounds like it is in Rexburg! WE had our first snow of the year yesterday, I think we got all of about 20 flakes, but everyone was crazed that it was"SNOWING" come on people, lets go up to the north of Idaho and see some real snow! Haha, this last week has been fun and we have seen many miracles, one of the miracles has come in the form of a young man we found last week! WE were meeting him for the second time on friday and we had planned to watch the restoration DVD with him but the DVD player in our church wouldn't work jso we had to go and borrow one from the temple which is luckily right by our church! Haha So we went up there with him to get the DVD player and while up there he got to walk into the lobby of the temple abd wait and we spoke about the role of the temple in heavenly fathers plan, you could feel the spirit in amazing force, it was a wonderful experience as we talked but after we watched the movie what happened next was even better! We were reviewing the restoration and how one of the key parts of it was the fact that the priesthood had been restored to the earth again. We moved from that to how you had to have the priesthood to be able to baptize and how baptism was only valid if you were baptized by someone holding that authority! AS we talked once again the spirit feeled the room and I kept getting the feeling that I needed to invit him to be baptized but I just couldn't find the right moment in the conversation and then I found it and said something about how baptism is needed to return to our father in heaven and he looked at me and said, "나도 침례를 받을 수 있나요?" or the equivalent in english of can I get baptized too? THe spirit once again filled the room and I came back with a probably overenthusiastic but happy response of "Of Course, lets talk about how!" Amazing but then before we ended we asked him if he had any questions and he asked about the temple. Apparently his friend died awhile back and as he heard our explanation of the temple he thought that it sounded right, that of course the lord would provide another opportunity for people who had not found his truth while upon this earth to learn later. He said that after he was baptized he wanted to prepare to do the ordinances for his friend in the temple! Wow, talk about Golden Investigator! The only problem is that until the 1st of January he is working a job that requires him to work the weekends from 8 at night to 8 in the morning so he is really tired and has a hard time coming to church. We almost had him out yesterday but in the end he was just too tired, hopefully he comes this next week! The rest of the week has been good, doing missionary work with Elder kim is good, he is still a young missionary so has a good desire and we see miracles when we are working outside every day, because of culture differences sometimes in the house we don't get along to well but for the most part we love each other to death! He always knows if I am mad cause I start speaking really fast english! Lol we laugh about that, I think it has only happened twice though! Haha About the only two times I have used ebglish in the last two weeks! Looking at the way I spelled that word I would say the effectsa are taking place! Life is great and we will continuew to work hard! Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving even if travel was a little bit hard, did anyone make it out for black friday shopping? haha
Elder Grant

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