Sunday, January 9, 2011

Back to District Leader 11-21-10

Wow, so this last week has been a hectic one but one of the most fulfilling of my whole mission! As i am finallyt out of the zone leader position I am finding I have a lot mor time, I still have a lot to do as district leader but it can all be done at nights and in the morning and I only have to do 2 exchanges compared to the 10 I had to do each transfer before! All this extra time on my hands and wow, are we seeing miracles with it as we use it wisely! It seems like almost everyday we foind somewone around the church and ask them if they would like to go look at the temple and they say yes, it makes a great opportunity to explain about the plan of salvation and then shift into the restoration which what brought us the knowledge nof that plan! The Temple really is amazing! We had two people to church this last week, one a sister that I have come to love in the last two weeks, shin song aa, no worries she is almost forty so it is not that kiond of love!Lol She met the sisters a couple of times before we got whitewashed in and she is just an amzingly prepared person, she has such a sweet and yet tender spirit, she feels the spirit and reacts to it like none of my other investigaators ever have, she is very tender when she feels it, but because of those promptings it is strengthing her sprout of a testimony into something solid really quickly. We also have a reffereal from a girl carly's age in our ward. Her friend lim hae woon, these girls are so funny and yet a couple of the most quite girls that I have ever met! SAhe has been to church three times and yesterday for the first time we met her. She will probably get baptized in the next four weeks and she said that she told her mom about how our church is just like one big family amnd the feelings she feels every time she comes and she said that her mom wanted to come and check out our church for herself as well and she said if the mom comes so does her little sister who is one of the top ranked 16 year old girls in Korea for none other than TENNIS, we will definatley have to go play some time! Haha Things are going good here and well, we will just keep onj doing the Lords work!
love you all,
Elder Grant

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