Sunday, January 9, 2011

I finally leave after over a year 11-17-10

Elder Grant has finally been transfered out of the kangseo stake afterover a year, I am going to miss everyone there! I got moved to a newand an even better area. The whitewashed the area that the temple isin and sent me and my new companion to it! I live five minutes fromthe church and our church is conected to the temple yards, talk abioutclose!Lol My new companion is elder kim byeoung eww and he is in justhis second transfer so he hasn't even hit three months yet and he'spure Korean, and one of the few who don't speak even a little bit ofenglish! This is the first time I have spoken english in...oh... aweek now... kinda crazy hbut it should help my language skills a ton!The new area is absolutley amazing. With the temple right next to ourchurch it provides constant questions and we see a lot of miraclesbecause of the spirit that the temple brings. The funny thing is thatall on the same block as our temple there is a jehovas witness church,bhuddist temple, a 'HUGE" presbyterian church, and we can add inseveral other little tiny denominstions as well. There are so manychurches in Korea, living in america you simply can have no idea abouthow many there are. You go up on a roof at nighttime and across thearea you can see there will be over thirty bright red neon crossesshining, it's crazy! Inn my new area they have 3 of the best schoolsin korea, or in other words the Korean IVY league equivalent, makesfor quit the party town but we are seeing miracles every day! One ofthe best ones we have had so far was this little old disabled man whorides around on a handicapped wheelchair and lives in what looks likea little hut from world war two surrounded by other little huts,probably some of the most third world stuff i have seen in korea. Thestory behind this man is that he used to be one of the biggest gangbosses in Korea, you shake his hand and his hand is huge and you canfeel the strength that used to be there, Kinda like shaking grandpagrants hand except he still has tons of strength left in It! This mandid tons of bad things and says for the last forty yeaars he hasregretted all that he has done and hasn't been able to find peace,every church he has gone to has condemned him for his actions and hesays he never felt at peace until we came along! We had an amazingspiritual discussion in his little hut that i cant stand up straightin and commitesd this little sweet soul to baptism and coming tochurch and he agreed to all of it, amazing, he felt the spirit and isnow acting on it! We will continue to see miracles evere day, Love youall,Elder Grant

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