Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's that time of year! 11-30-10

Yes mom I got the package, no worries, i won't be left christmasless!Lol thanks for sending the recipes, if I can find all of the things Ineed hopefully I can make christmas a little bit happier for others!Hope you got kenny's program on tape, I definatley want to see that!Lol I have two packages in the mail to you. One is kind of a smallerone and one is a big one that is on a boat, the smaller one hasletters for people and a book of mormon for t, sorry I sent it lastp-day and meant to take more video but ran out of time. The second oneby boat is christmas presents and Korean stuff with some of my thingsas well if you could save them for me. Names are on the shirts forwho's they are! I will call on christmas eve in america and it shouldbe between 5-10, so if you could all be at home I would love you, noneof this going of skiing or up to the woods on that day! Haha I amloving life right now! In two days I will get my new greenie, i can'tdecide whether I would prefer an american or Korean, both have theirperks but I think an american coming to a foreign country two daysbefore christmas could drive me nuts, I garuntee he would be homesick,lets hope for a Korean then! haha Hope you have a great time attarghee, Have a good long list of things to talk about, lots aboutschool, work, and things that need to happen when I get back would begood cause it is the last time we get to talk directly before that! Isure love all of you,love,Greg

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