Sunday, January 9, 2011

The stress just never ends does it 1-9-2011

This last one has been a cold one here in Korea and it sounds as though it was about the same there in america! Haha this last sunday our thirsd new convert was confirmed and all three of them are doing well especially shin song ah, the ward has just brought her right into the church and she is loving every bit of it. lim hae won is as good as any new 18 year old can be in the church and the one that is worrying me to death is lee bum chewn but he'll eventually come around before he has to leave for the army, I hope!
This last week has been a great week, one in which I have really been able to learnb alot and grow spiritually. We started off on tuesday of last week with Elder choi of the seventy speaking to us which was absolutley amazing and really helped me realize the need for obedience to even the very simplest things in life. Throughout life the only way we get blessings are simply by beeing obedient and strivcing to be our best selves! This morning as I was studying I read a talk by Elder Ballard or Packer to Mission presidents in the MTC a long time ago and he was speaking about missionaries and the spirit of obedience and how opur lights are brighter than most other peoples because we are members of the true church. We have to let our lights shine peop, live obediently to the lords commands so you can have the spirit with you and then go out and show others the light that comes from the true gospel, the light and truth we have can be seen by all and many wonder what it is that makes members of our church different, share it. There are so many churches in Korea that have lots of members it is crazy, but in one of my meetings with the ward leaders yesterday I heard something that made me kind of sad and calls for a more valient effort on our part. Other churches here in Korea are not the true church, we know that, and they don't. But almoat every member of a church in Korea is proud of the church they attend and most have specific service hours set every week to share the gospel, and they do it willingly adn boldly. But in this leaders words yesterday our church is the opposite. We pack the truth, but arent' willing to share it. Many members here in Korea and all over the world are ashamed to admit that they are members of the "MORMON" Church, don't be, say it with pride and then if someone comes back and starts dragging the church and its mebers through the mud, don't fight back but let them know the truth because truth in any case can never be proven wrong! Okay after my tangent lets just all make sure we stand up for and are proud of the fact that we attend the Churhc of Jesus Christ of LAtter day saints. its the truth. Life is going great here ion Korea, my companion is a different Kind of guy but we get along just fine and are having fun doing the work together!
I love you all,
Elder Gran
P.S. My english is getting pretty bad, Huh?Lol

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