Sunday, January 9, 2011

merrry 상탄철‏ 12-19-10

merrry 상탄철‏

Hello family and friends and welcome to christmas in Korea!!! MerryChristmas!!!!!!!This last week has been kind of a very complicated week but it hasbeen fun! Like I said in my letter last week, last monday was transfercalls and no matter how much I love Elder Kim I am glad that we gottransfered! Haha however I am his district leader still so we stillget to be with one another! I am really happy about that because Ireally do love him at times he is just hard to be with 24/7! Haha soif Elderkim got transfered what does that mean for me? Well thankfully I amstaying in shincheon ward because I just set 2 more dates this lastweek and I love it here, plus I will be training a new missionary fromAmerica. He still is not here because the missionaries from ourmission went home a week early so they could be with their familiesfor christmas. So during this last week I have been kind of up in theair! The first day I was with Elder Kim and his new companion becausehe moved to the area right next to us and the second day we saw asmall miracle happen! Last monday after email we went with some wardmembers to play soccer with one another and one of them was an 18 yearold young man who lived in america for high school for two years, 전준경,jeon kyoong, and I got to be really good friends with him. After I gotthe call from President about transfers and he told me I would have tobe in a threesome for a week I started worrying alot about what wouldhappen to our area if I was gone for a week. That night the firstthing I prayed about was finding a way for me to stay in my area tolook after my investigators for the next week. As I prayed for thatmethod I thought of him and remembered that he said he was going toquite his job the next day. A quick call to president later and I hadsecured the permission I needed to make it happen! i gave him a callon wendnesday night and he said, "will I have to cut my hair, soesthat mean no music?"The answer of course was yes! I have no idea why Ithought of him for being my companion because he has supper long hairand is kinda one of those kids whom just seem to cause their parentshair to stick straight up! Haha he said that he needed some time topthink and twenty minutes latter he was on the other end of the linesaying, "Lets do this!" The last few days with him have beenabsolutley amazing! My biggest worry was making sure missionary workwas fun for him so that he would want to go out in a year when he wasplanning on going out. We have had tons of fun but I think what madethe biggest difference was that the first day we had an amazing lessonwith an investigator that the senior couple found and we are teachinghim together because he lives in our area! I was guided by the spiritin that lesson to speak about his son who had died and the temple andhow he could be with his son again. He had several obstacles toovercome like pmg says but we worked through all of them and at onepoint he broke down and cried and said, "I don't know what to do, Ijust don't know what to do." His circumstances are really tough and heknows the church is true but if he switches churches he will lose hisjob. At the end of the lesson he had decided to come to church. we hadthat lesson and following that spirit I sat down with jeon kyoong andtalked about the purpose of the missionary and the reason for what wedo. It really helped him understand the gospel a little bit more andit has turned this week into a great week of missionary work! Hopeeveryone has a great christmas on this next saturday, I can;t wait tospeakto you!Love,Elder Greg Grantp.s. Carly, he befriended you on Facebook!Lol

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