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Happy New Years! 1-02-2011

Hello Dear Family!
This last week has been the dream of all missionaries dreams! We started on christmas with our cinnamon rolls and activities for the ward We woke up around 7:30 casue we got to sleep in on christmas however it was basically just lying in bed for an extra hour cause after almost two years I have gotten to the point were when about 6:15 hits my eyes fly open automatically!!!!!!!! I can't believe, I, Elder Greg Grant, finally got to the point where it is just natural to wake up early! Lol So we woke up then and my new companion, Elder Nichols called his parents while I started th e cinnamon rolls! Wow, what a project that ended up being! I spent a good hunk of money on it and from 8 in the morning to three we rolled out and tossed in about 100 cinnamon rolls! When all was said and done and I was sitting there looking at them we both looked at each other sand said, well, they at least look delicious, we proceeded at that point to as most people would to taste our cooking and not to be too prideful or anything, but, dang, for a first time effort those were almost good as pillsbury dough boy style!!!!!! Haha Thats when the bigger part of our project started, the delivery! We have about 120 members here in the shinchon ward and we are serving in one of the biggest areas in the mission land wise and also people wise, AHHHHH>>>> Talk about delivery nightmare, no car, no money, what were we going to do? We went out to get all of those closest to the church and our house first and then started spreading out, it was bitter cold that day, just our luck, the coldest day of the winter yet plus the wind was just driving the humidity right through your bones, but we kept going and eventually got to the first counselor in the stake presidencies home, after wandering a half an hour aound trying to find the place, in the end our cold fingers and toeas all got there in one peice and we sang our song for them and left them with out cinammon rolls, about now it was 6 o'clock and I was thinking of the idea of just not going to outbacksteakhouse for Christmas Dinner so we could deliver more and I had the though, "Dang, I wish we had some way to get to all the members tonight, and bring them some christmas cheer." All of the suddent my phone was going off in my pocket, a blocked number, greeat the crazy who was calling me earlier in the day while I was on the phone with the family(P.s. He really is crazy and Kind of stalking us and doesn't like me at all becasue I told him to get off of our church property or I would call the cops!!! Crazy story, ask me about it when I get home, he is of no threat though!!). anyway the personal calling ended up beiong president park that we had just visited, he and his wife had been talking and were worried about us beign out in the cold all night and he said,"I know you won't quit so I want to help, I'll come pick you up!" It was an answer to a prayer! Wow, we saw so many miracles that day and in the end were able top deliver all of the rolls with an exception of two families! WE had a spiritual experience at every house as we sang a Christmas song and bore testimony of Christ! It really brought in the spirit of Christmas in a country were Christmas is more like valentines, a day for couples to get together! Next up in our incredible week was tons of other amazing miracles but the most amazing having to be the fact that we had three baptisms! I was on a high after our last one on sunday! They are all just amazing, prepared, children of God! lim hae won who is carly's age had a tough time making the trip down into the font beacause of an experience she had when she was younger making her deathly afraid of water but she took some pills to calm her nerves and was able to do it though the minute she touched the water her whole body went rigid and when she come out and went into the bathroom she was sobbing, but she was clean! My favorite of the three would have to be shin sung ah who is just an amazing thirty six year old woman who reminds me a lot of trish hales except for not quite as outgoing! She has ana amzing spirit and through all of the effort it took for us to get her baptized I really came to love her so much. She has such a special spirit and will be an amazing member! She is probably one fo my favorite people I have had the opportunity to teach her in Korea! Those two got baptized on Saturday after our new years morning party(The Morning Sunrise is bigger than th emidnight celebration here in Korea, Sounds like dads style!Lol), Then on Sunday we baptized brother lee bum chewn! He is a 20 year old that I called off of some old potential investigator forms and he agreed to meet and he made tdecision to be baptized, it took a giant effort on his part cause in 1 month he went from almost three packs of ciggarettes in a day to none! Amazing, for him to quit we really needed a miracle and it happened after last sunday! He had a short interview with the bishop to see how we could help him quit and then I gave him a blessing and in the blessing was a promise that if he truly wanted to follow the lords will that the lord would provide a way for him to quit. That night he got deathly sick, he went to the hospital and ended up bedridden for three days and didn't have the strength to smoke a single ciggarete. Thrusday and friday he was better but slept the whole two days cause he was so tired and barely made it to the chruch for his interview, and on sunday he had yet to smoke the entire week and said he felt no urges to smoke but that his body still felt a little bit sick, Cool Miracle huh?
SO overall the last few weeks have been amazing! I finally have a regular companion, when I first met him I could have sworn I was looking at a carbon copy of tanner with darker hair but now that I have gotten to know him some he and tanner are way different. They both talk 24/7 none stop but tanner isn't quite the nerd that he is! Haha We will have fun the next while together! Jesus Christ lives and loves each of you no matter your circumstancve!
Elder Grant

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