Sunday, January 9, 2011

Allergies...when you're older? 10-17-10

DO allergies come out more when you get older? I have never had allergies in my life until now, I hate it!
Hell Family,
Yeah, I hate allergies but its a good thing you can walk into any pharmacy in Korea and they will give you any drug you ask for for way cheap, i am amazed that they don't have very much drug abuse here because of that! This last week has been absolutely amazing, we have seen miracles around every turn and I feel now more than ever that the lord is guiding me in life. We found two incredibly prepared young men this week and both dropped everything to come to church with us on sunday. One of them has already decided to be baptized on the last sunday of this month! IT's so much fun getting to watch the gospel of christ weork changes in peoples lives. This last week i have been studying alot about christ's leadership abilities and his teaching abilities. The thing I have learned the most is love. Love for anyone you interact with. If their is no love in a situation no one responds in a manner which is effective in accomplishing anything. Take for example this young man we are metting that is severly handicapped. He is a pain in the neck and calls non-stop but just hangs up when you pick up(Litterally he called250 times in one day). We had just finsihed english class and we were talking to him and he was just being a pain in the butt and not being respectful to the members or us so I was letting him have it pretty good and you could tell that it was making him hurt inside. I felt like he needed love at that momen, I remembered mom with kendall and how he does things better through feeling loved than anything else. At that moment, I got on my knees and looked up into his drooping face and said,"There is only one thing you need to know buddy, Jesus loves you and I do too!" In that one instant his face went from frown to a beeming smile this most amazing smile I'd seen fromanyone. We spent the next 20 minutes talking of Jesus's love and how we need to follow the example he gave us so we can feel that love even more. It amazed me that by simply softenting my voice and changing what I was talking about that I could get that kind of reaction out of someone! I love this work, I pray for you all, hope to see you in the not too distant future!
Elder Greg Grant

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