Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad 10-17-10

Hey Dad,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I think it is now legal to say that your getting young again! haha Hope today was a great day for you! Sounds like life is busy as always out where you are at, hopefully you're happy with all thats going on! I sure am loving life here as a missionary! I love everything about it, getting to fell the spirit, recieving daily guidabce everything. I had a really humbling and testimony building experience for me this last week and it truly has me amazed. I was out in my old area, sheheuong, to do a baptismal interview and during the interview this man had several problems but was willing to overcome them all and near the end of the questions you have the question about keeping the sabbath day holy, I asked him this question and he responded that he had no problem but that two times a year during his workplaces busiest time he would have to work on sundays but other than that he was good. It was at this moment that I felt I had to say something about his working on sundays but I had no idea what I needed to say so I kind of just shrugged it off and was about to move on when he finished speaking when the feeling came once more, at this point I was finally able to get out of the way and recognize that it was someone elses thought patterns going through my mind and not my own so I opened my mouth to speak. I didn't kknow what I was going to day at that time but for five minutes I went on with this man in perfect fluent Korean. In the last year and a half I have gotten to be okay at Korean but its the hardest language in the world for americans to learn so I was nowhere near fluent, but for five minutes as words came out of my mouth I was. I told him that at some point in his near future there would be a shift in his life requiring him to work on sunday and that at that time it was time to quite his job and find another one. I told him it would be the hardest thing in his life but that if he would do it it would bring his family who are all already members greater blessings then he could ever imagine. I can't really describe what happened there in words, but I know with almost 100 percent surety that it was the lord working through me. I felt the spirit in amazing abundance and he did so as well. He told me that he understood and would always remember what he had felt and heard while we were talking. Hopefully somewhere down the road those words remind him to come to the lord. It was an amazing experience for me. I have had places where I thought I was speaking as the lord wanted me to speak but never before have I felt as though I was acually an instrument like that, for words to go directlyto one of his children from him. Amazing experience and I just wanted to share it with you, you always taught me the importance of living with the spirit, I didn't fully understand why or how to do it, but I think now I understand why however the how is going to take some time! Thanks for all you have done for me dad. your influence in my life is bigger than anyone elses here upon this earth, I love you and can't wait to see you after serving our lord and savior honorably here in the land of Korea!Love,your son, Greggors On Mon, Oct 18, 2010 at 10:58 AM,

:Hey buddy, Just got back from home teaching. We talked about the importance of couples praying together and reading scriptures together. I think that if the ward couples would learn to pray and read together we would have many fewer problems in the ward. Too many think that they are too busy for this Pause for family prayer! I'll be right back.... Now Michael has kicked Tanner in the face and Carly told Tanner he deserved it and...well, things haven't changed too much since you left. Oh the joys of being a parent. Not much to report--worked about 60 hours this week and I am still behind; church has been somewhat mellow. Lots of new callings in the next two weeks, so back to the training board; I hope that all will go well. Much love, If the boys go down easily, I'll be back; if not, know that we love you and pray constantly for you. Dad

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