Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just wanna be normal missionary 10-25-10

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh………I want to be a Normal missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello family and yes I just want to be a normal missionary! This last week has been I tough one, I think I we have been in our area for a total of like three days and it’s starting to take its toll on both my body and our area! We have a date for this upcoming Sunday for a guy who is my age, he’s a little bit of the loner type but all he wants t do is follow Christ’s example so he should be good. Our investigators are all hitting the wall, they are either not willing to progress so we have to quite meeting them or they feel to much pressure from us about the church and its doctrine so they just don’t show up to their appointments, that one drives me nuts, if you have an appointment keep it or just at least tell us you can’t come. Anywho, Hope you are all doing well, life is fun and the missionary work goes on. I was out in my last area in sheheoung for exchanges yesterday and got to see four out of the five people that I baptized out there plus just out of pure coincidence got to meet some of my investigators including the group of 16 year old boys I taught just on the street as we were proselyting. Weather has gotten really cold lately so its time to break out the coat and hope I last through until the end of February where it starts to warm up a little bit!

I love you all,

Elder Grant

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