Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miracles and Lessons

Miracles and Lessons‏


Hey, so the cold has finally hit Korea and the leaves are all getting ready to drop, we wondered if it would ever come! So my last companion went home and I am now with a companion from the mtc group right above me by the name of Elder Kwak, he’s from San Francisco and we are going to light up kangseo this transfer! We were supposed to have a baptism yesterday but it feel through, he quite answering my calls and just didn’t show up to church. I really have no idea what to do about that. I have been here in banghwa ward for over 6 months now and I have had 13 baptismal dates and only one of them has been baptized, the only thing we can do is keep working hard and happily right! I really am starting to feel like the saints of old, they are working their hardest and trying to do everything right but the mobs keep driving them out of city after city! However we keep seeing miracle after Miracle as well, just like the saints of old. Take for example last night. We had just gotten done eating at our bishops and taken a bus back to the area that our house and church building is in and we had 15 minutes left on the night. Many people would just call it quits and go in but we kept pushing and the lord blessed us for it. 2 minutes before we would have had to start sprinting back to our house we found seoung hewn. He went to college in America for a year and is pretty good at English and he had visited temple square while he was in America. We took him in for the 30 extra minutes we get if we have a lesson and taught him the restoration. I could see a light deep down, and I know that as we discussed the fullness of christs gospel together that he felt the spirit and was touched enough to set up another time to meet with us. Hopefully next time if his wife(A Flight Stewardess) is back from her trip we will be able to meet both of them together! Cool Miracle huh! Another thing I learned was relying on the lord to bless and help us. We ate dinner with one of the poorest couples in the ward this last week and after eating they had told us how difficult finances were for them at the time as they were trying to scrape enough money together for the wife to have a surgery she needed. After when we were leaving they gave us some grapes and we knew they didn’t have much food so we tried to refuse but the lady looked at me and said the equivalent of, “Would you deny us the Lords blessings that come from helping his servants?” It was a very profound moment for me, I could see how deep this sisters faith was and were mine was lacking, she knew that no matter how hard life was that all things were in the lords hands and that he would take care of them both spiritually and physically! I think that is something we can all strive to remember, that we are in the lords hands, and if we are serving him and following him to the best of our abilities he will take care of us no matter what. After that I was thinking of the last two verses in 2 nephi 4, where it talks about relying on the savior and he will take care of everything! I hope that we can all learn from this, and strive in our own lives to rely on the lord more and more until the point where we could hope to see angels and see them!

I love you all,

Elder Grant

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