Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miracles in the week

Family, Good to hear from you this last week!

Yeah, the typhoon, was kinda a fun experience to go through but one I never need again, I actually slept through the whole thing and when we woke up at six it was just throwing out its last rages and knocking out a few more windows! Haha I guess that is a bonus in missionary work, you are so tired that you sleep until the internal alarm at 6:30 tells you that it is time to wake up! This last week we saw lots of miracles. We found four new people to teach and I think the best one came on Saturday. We just got done wioth our weekly planning meeting which we had to do on Saturday cause I had to go to some leadership training on Thursday and Friday and we went out in faith. We set the goal of ten people talked to and a lesson with a return appointment. I knew in full faith that it would happen according to our plan if we worked to fulfill our goals before we went and visited the people we had planned to visit. We got to eight people and we were at the front door of the apartment that we planned to visit and I said, nope, we have to talk to two more. The ninth person was prepared for us almost two years ago when he received a book of mormon on the street and he has been reading it a little bit here an and there he’s almost half way through, however he said he was to busy to meet and to call him latter. The 10th person we talked to was a 20 year college student and man, he is way humble. He sat down with us for ten minutes in front of this apartment and we had a great talk and he choose to meet us later. Not a very big miracle you may think, well not quite as big as it’s about to become. While we were talking to him the 9th guy we had talked to had come back and was waiting for us to finish talking with him and he said, I would like to invite you to come up to my house to talk for a little bit! VERY BIG MIRACLE. We talked for an hour and it turns out he quite attending his other church 3 months ago because he felt like it was corrupt and that people were only in it for the money and he has been reading the book of mormon and feels like it is good. Plus, get this, the rest of his family is in American cause his soon is attending stnfford and the missionaries live in the same apartment as them, coincidence, I think NOT! Hopefully we can help him progress, he has a lot messed up ideas about religion but hopefully hearing the truth will help him!

I love you all, would love to hear from youin a paper letter!

Love Elder Grant

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