Sunday, October 3, 2010

Staying in Bangwha with Elder Grose

Hello Family
and welcome to I am sick of my investigators not coming to church grant. I have never felt so concerned about the welfare of the souls of the children of God as I am right now. This last week once again we had lots of people lined up to come and at the last minute 3 of them had to go somewhere with family and one of them was there for two meetings but didn't stay for sacrament, ahhhhh.... drive me nuts. All of our dates have had to be moved to next month but I have faith in the lord and we believe hat everything will work out okay. News from the transfer is that I am staying with Elder Grose in bangwha for this next transfer. Since he goes home hwen this transfer is over I will be in bangwha till at least thanksgiving, talk about a long time, I got here in april! I love it though, I have a great realationship with the ward and am finally starting to get them to be willing to help me so hopefully things will start to pick up in the area of ward missionary work. If I could offer any suggestion to anyone I would tell you to do missionary work more faithfully as just regular members of the ward. Take care of those who are less active, invite those who aren't members to your home for dinner and casually talk about the gospel! Here in Korea that is the biggest problem, people are too scared to do missionary work. I am so excited for this transfer and hopefull we can start to see success!
I love you all,
Elder Grant

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