Sunday, October 3, 2010

8-29-10 I am 23 and I want to get baptized

This last week has been a crazy one and hopefully we start to see some fruit from our efforts!:) Out of our five dates one will hopefully get baptized this Sunday and three in the near future after one of them heals from some pretty serious surgery. The other one, well she just kinda disappeared, but her friend says she still likes the church, just that her parents think we are a cult, sheesh, if people would just think for themselves. I got to do a baptismal interview for elder skousen this week(My second companion) and it was a sweet experience. It was with a girl named lee mee ran, and she has been meeting with missionaries for almost 6 months but hasn’t been able to get baptized because of her dad. She believes in the church ful heartedly and one day called elder skousen up and said, “ I am twenty three and I want to get baptized and there is nothing my dad can do, especially if I don’t tell him!” So I came to be doing here interview. She has a sweet spirit and when I asked her why she wanted to get baptized even though she knew that her dad would be furious if he found out. She looked back at me and responded with the sweetest answer ever(The translation to English doesn’t have the same feeling as in Korean) But in extent she said, I don’t want to disappoint God. In all that I do I want to make him happy, And I know that by being baptized I can make him happier than by doing anything else! What a sweet spirit she knew the lord would take care of all else and said as much, she said she had no worries, because she was doing what the lord wanted. That’s something we can all apply into out own lives. Let us all think about what makes the lord happy and then let us all strive to do those things! I love you all and know this work is the lords work!


Elder Greg Grant

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