Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wazz Up October 2010

Hey Ya'll,
So we were supposed to have a baptism yesterday but it has been moved to next week. Why? Well are candidate showed up and he had forgotten something very important. the case to protect his artificial heart from water!!!!!!!! YEah, that was a weird one to translate in Korean. It came out of his mouth and was trasnlated into my mind as a heart machine and I was like what???????? Haha long story short this guy is really prepared and should be good to go next sunday! Our new bishop is really different but he is bringing our ward closer together simply by being very straightforward with people and telling them what he thinks. whatever works right? this last week was not a good one for missionary work as it was one of the korean national Holidays and there is litterally not a soul in seoul at that time, its like tthis city of 50 million people becomes a ghost town, its kinda creepy! Well we did play soccer for the holiday with two other zones, it was pretty fun, though I got injured about halfway through, I took a shot right above the knee and a week later I am still limping, lest you worry, I think it is fine, it just got hit really bad, one of those deep internal bruidses that just kills! But you know me after 10 minutes of sitting down I was back out on the feild gimping around trying to win the game, sadly we lost@! Well IO love you all not much to say this week but hey!
Elder Grant

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