Sunday, October 3, 2010

Yeah, we got hit by a typhoon!!!!!!!!

Talk about one crazy week. Let me start this out with a precurser, I am fine and my apartment is all in one peice! Okay now lets get to the exciting part. So last week on wednesday night we had a really bad typhoon came into the main part of Korea(Aka Seoul) and when it hit it hit. We got tons of rain and had lots of flooding and the best part was that the 100 mile and hour plus winds shredded through our apartment building blowing out nearly 65% of the glass windows, talk about crazy~!!!!! When we went out to work we soon found out that about half the pwer around seoul was out, the subways were shut down, and that there were trees lying around everywhere! Suffice it to say I have a pretty good set of pictures and that the lord truly protected us in our tiny apartment. I have no clue what to say about this last week except it was fun and tiring. I was on exchanges out of my own area for basically 4 days straight with other missionaries but we got alot done! One of my favorites was getting to go back and work with Elder Skousen again who was my second companion. We had no appointments in the day but by the end we had set up two people for baptism and found three others to meet with them, needless to say after I got back to my area the next day it was the most tired I have ever been on my mission! One of the people we met we met in the last 5 minutes of the night where instead of just going home we decided to look in this park right by there house. We ran into a 17 year old kid there, they met him on saturday, then he came to church on sunday and the plan is for him to get baptized in another 2 weeks, crazy that a miracle like that just comes! I love missionary work for that very reason. Lately I have been feeling really down to the fact that I haven't been able to baptize here in bangwha yet, we have been working really hard and that is all that we want to do as a companionship but it just doesn't seem to work out. WE find all of these prepared people, we get them out to church once or twice and then they say they never want to come back again, I can't understand, once you taste of the goodness aren't you supossed to want to shrea it with others not leave it? Hopefully we can see some miracles like I did with Elder Skousen in the next few weeks! We have one man who I have spoken of before, 송윤섭, Who is just amazing. He has been to church 6 times and we are hopefully going to meet his family of 4 kids and his wife soon as well. This man truly is one of the special ones, he just doesn't realize it yet! Hopefully we can get him there quickly!
I love you all,
Elder Greg Grant

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