Sunday, October 3, 2010

MIracles wrought by Faith‏

HEllo Family!!!!!!!!!
The work here in 방화, is going absolutely great, we see miracles around every corner. Take today for example, we were going to the church this morning to have lunch with a member and we saw that he was there inside waiting for us already and so we said, if we are to hit the standards this week we have to use every opportunity we get, lets bring someone into the church! We set a goal for to people talked to, getting them into the church with our member and setting a returned appointment with them. The first person we talked to ignored us pretty good but the next person we talked to, a 19 year old boy and his friend, came back into the church with us. They both havbe huge interest in the gospel, we did the same thing last night too, just on our way to a members we had a goal set for a lesson and return appointment and it happened right when we were about out of time! I have learned so much about faith and really on the lord this week, it’s crazy. I had the same kind of story out in 김포 when I was on exchanges. I told Elder Jeoung, lets set some goals to accomplish before we get to this members house, we set a goal of ten talked to, 2 numbers, and one lesson. WE went and we got to the house but still needed to talk to four people so we kept going, we got to ten and no one had sat down with us yet, that just wouldn’t do I thought, and on the 13th person we talked to we found an amazingly prepared college student who will meet them after the holiday. After that we stood up and I talked to these two 17 year olds walking past and they sat down and talked, scheduling to meet with us as well, what miracles! Lately I have been studying the doctrine of faith, relying on God, and calling down the powers of heaven. It truly is a powerful doctrine and if we would all live according to it and exercise the necessary faith the church would increase rapidly according to the brethren! I love this work and wow, does the lord ever provide miracles. Our baptismal date is set for Sunday, though it is going to be hard to get him a good interview as he says he can’t meet us even once this week. He has a slight handicap so its been a challenge teaching him but he wants to continue to come to church and he says yes to baptism, so we will do our part! Our zone is starting to do better, we are all seeing many miracles after we fasted together last week. We had three baptisms on Sunday and are looking for two more this upcoming weekend! Not many problems going on in the zone but we have a couple who have really bad attitudes about the work and need a correction. Anyone have any instant solutions to people with the "CAN"T DO" attitude going on? We shared some of our miracles and all we got out of them was a, "Well your'e the zone leaders, thats what your supposed to do!" Come on now, I am no better a missionary than you, just get up off your duffer and show some faith. The last few times people have been complaining to me I have just wanted to let fly a5t them, good thing that I am not like that! That may be one of my big faults as a leader though, I have a hard time coming down on people, any suggestions?
THis week is the week of what is equivavlent to thanksgiving in Korea so it should be a really good one, even if a hard one on missionary work!
Love ya'll
Elder Greg Grant

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