Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Miracles and Faith‏


Hey family How is life going? I am having a blast haha!

Lately Elder Grose and I have been working hard and we have changed a lot about how we have bee doing the work and because of that we are seeing miracles around every corner. Three weeks in we had a total of two investigators and now in just a matter of one week we have eighteen, crazy,Huh? But even better than that is the fact that out of these people we had four to church on Sunday and we invited all four to be baptized on the 22nd of this month and all four said yes! Talk about crazy! So here is the story; coming into Saturday we wanted five to church but it was looking like we would have only one and I swear I have never worked harder to get people out to church as I did last week. But we had tons of faith in the lord and we went to work to get our goal calling all of our investigators. We still had no one after contacting everyone. Our last hope was this family of five that we are meeting. Okay a family of four and the daughters friend who meets with us as well because she basically lives at there house. We met and studied English and the gospel together and just had a blast and in the end I commited them to come to church and all the kids said yes, the parents had another commitment at that time, hopefully we get them this week. So now we go onto Sunday and we figured we would at least get four people there and we were hoping to set a date with one of them. That’s when I got a call from our fifty-five year old guy who has been the last three weeks saying he couldn’t come because he had some problems with his teeth and had to go to the dentist. I was more than sad but we were still happy cause our family was coming. That’s when church started and our ward mission leader runs up to me and says one of the young women in the ward has brought her friend and I need to set up to talk with her after church, wow, talk about a blessing. Anyway as you now know we had four to church and my comp. taught the three kids after and set a date with them while I talked to this girl for the first time with her friend and our mission leader. It was way awkward at first but thanks to your beautiful faces and a couple of pictures of bugs on dads face everyone was laughing and we were good friends in a matter of just a few minutes. That’s when we got down to business. I taught about the book of mormon and its role in our life and how through reading it, prayer, and attending church we can show and gain faith in Christ.I then taught about christs example and his ministry here upon the earth and how after doing those three things we can show and gain even greater faith by following christs example to be baptized. I then did what is known as the soft baptismal commitment in our mission where I asked here that if she came to know that these things were true would she be baptized and follow christs example. She said yes and then without realizing it, and totally following the spirit I said,” On the 22nd we have a baptismal service, of course you don’t know much about our church but through us and your friends help you can be prepared by then for baptism. Will you follow christs example and be baptized on the twenty-second by someone holding the priesthood authority of god?” Out of her mouth came a yes and I felt the spirit in great abundance and so did she. Right as she said yes her friend and our mission leader said the English equivalent of “WHAT?WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? You mean you’ll get baptized?” Good thing the spirit was still present because she came back with a, “well if that’s what Christ did and this is christs church like I think it is I have to be baptized then, right?” Talk about prepared and talk about a miracle! She is seventeen, the son of the family is 17 and the daughter and her friend are both 14, what a week of miracles! Next week is transfer calls, hopefully I stay in bangwha to see it through! Please pray for them to get all the way their, they are so prepared and need our church so much in their lives! I thank you for all your prayers and love you all a ton!


Elder Grant

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