Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Leave the man alone....

Sheesh, satan, leave the man alone!!!!!!!!‏

Okay so the heading about having rainy season but no rain, well that was a premature statement on my part! Since I said that it has yet to quite raining here in Korea and just keeps pouring buckets upon buckets every day. This last week has been a fairly tough one missionary work wise, it seemed like everything we tried to do just fell through no matter how hard we tried.

We were supposed to have a baptism yesterday but as you can tell from the last statement it didn’t happen and man does it kill me. Young il had his interview on Friday and the Elder who did it said that he bore and amazing testimony on the atonement of Christ and that he was prepared for baptism and knew what it meant근대, apparently he wasn’t converted deep down. So the next day as my companion was making calls to potential investigators I was making the program and setting up all the things that had

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