Tuesday, August 10, 2010


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Hide details Charles Greg GrantTo Aunt Tracie, Aunt Trisha, Carly Grant, Dad, Dan Adair, Grandma Adair, Grandma Grant, Grandpa Adair, Mckenna, Mom, Tanner Grant, Tricia Hales, Uncle Joe
From: Charles Greg Grant (charles.grant@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Sun 6/13/10 9:07 PM
To: Aunt Tracie (tggran@yahoo.com); Aunt Trisha (caludy@burgoyne.com); Carly Grant (spunkyseaturtle@msn.com); Dad (grantk@byui.edu); Dan Adair (daniel.adair@myldsmail.net); Grandma Adair (bearmum2@aol.com); Grandma Grant (gay-grant@msn.com); Grandpa Adair (gadairrealtor@aol.com); Mckenna (kuzcomg@hotmail.com); Mom (tetonwildflower@msn.com); Tanner Grant (bballwhiz@q.com); Tricia Hales (tricialou@gmail.com); Uncle Joe (joeadairrealtor@aol.com)

안양하십니까,오늘 뭐 하려고 하니? 나는Chinatown으로 가려고 해. 왜 요즈음에 email을 안 받았냐? 재 가족을 사랑 하 지만 계속해서email 받고십어요!!!!!!!!!! Hey Everyone, so how is the life going in the United States? Things are pretty crazy here but as usual the right attitude can make anything and everything fun!

This week marked the start of the world cup which is huge here in Korea, there isn’t much that happens bigger than this! We were on exchanges with some elders from the seoul mission preparing for the combination and we were switching back Saturday night and had to switch back at the place where they had the one of the biggest gatherings to watch the game in Korea, we went up and out of the subway station to see what it was like and oh my was it crazy, over 300,000 people packed into this little area, it was insane, I got some crazy pictures. We were there for the start of the game and in the first two minutes one of Koreas star players had a shot on Goal and everyone erupted, three minutes later when the scored in only the seventh minute of the game the whole country shook! I don’t think I have heard a louder sound. We were in our house when they scored the second goal, planning, and the whole apartment complex at the same time all shouted “GOOOOOAAALLLL” it was crazy! Korea won two to zero over Greece so the Country is going crazy thinking that this year could be there year! It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be here for this!

This week missionary work wise was kinda rough for our area, we had to be out in another elders area for three days and we had splits and it rained a lot but we still had fun though at times it felt as though no one would talk to or even just listen to our all important message. These last few days I have really started to love missionary work and I am starting to realize what love can do. The savior loved us, so he died for us. I am sharing a message with people about that, and how they can access the wonderful power of his atoning sacrifice. When we were out helping an elder who has attitude problems this week I learned that you have to love every bit of it. I was about ready to hit this elder upside the head as he just has a horrible attitude and I’ll share a little part about the exchange that I really enjoyed . So we were out in sheheuong which is my old area because my elder lee had to go to his army service for three days so we were with his companion elder lee from America. We went out to do a service project which I had set up to do two weeks before I was transferred and had never gotten to do. We set up one with a group of disable young adults anywhere from 18-30, it was so much fun. We got to do arts and crafts with them and love them as people, which they probably don’t get very often. Me and my companion had a blast and at the end I had three of these precious souls of our father in heaven hanging all over me asking me not to leave. It was a precious experience for me cause it reminded me of Kenny, and it taught me the true meaning of christlike love, you can’t hold anything back, it must be sincere or people can tell, but when you are sincere, watch out, because people will fill it and respond back. This elder went in their and he took and just cut the crafts out and threw them at the kids he was working with to color and then sat back in his chair with a scowl on his face for the whole two hours we were there, I was ready to give him a good one upside the head. He treated these people as if they were animals, I let him know after we left to that he better shape up when he goes there. The people there loved me and my companion to death and can’t stand this elder because he has volunteered to help but it is like its something he is forced to do. Serving through love changes lives! Hopefully as I serve through love I can help this Elder change as well, he’s got such a great spirit he just hasn’t quite caught on to what he is doing in Korea yet, any ideas as to how I can help him?

I want you to all know that I love this gospel and that I can’t wait to share it with more people, it drives me, the love, let it drive all of us to come closer to Christ so we can help our brothers and sisters in this world!

Love ya’ll,

Elder Grant

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