Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Address in Seoul Mission

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View detailsTo Aunt Tracie, Aunt Trisha, Carly Grant, Dad, Dan Adair, Grandma Adair, Grandma Grant, Grandpa Adair, Mckenna, Mom, Tanner Grant, Tricia Hales, Uncle Joe
From: Charles Greg Grant (charles.grant@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Sun 6/20/10 8:39 PM
To: Aunt Tracie (tggran@yahoo.com); Aunt Trisha (caludy@burgoyne.com); Carly Grant (spunkyseaturtle@msn.com); Dad (grantk@byui.edu); Dan Adair (daniel.adair@myldsmail.net); Grandma Adair (bearmum2@aol.com); Grandma Grant (gay-grant@msn.com); Grandpa Adair (gadairrealtor@aol.com); Mckenna (kuzcomg@hotmail.com); Mom (tetonwildflower@msn.com); Tanner Grant (bballwhiz@q.com); Tricia Hales (tricialou@gmail.com); Uncle Joe (joeadairrealtor@aol.com)

Please send all future mail to me to:
Korea Seoul Mission
Gwanghwamun PO Box 210
Seoul-si 110-602
South Korea

I am going to an amusement park here in Korea today so we only have about five minutes to email, but I got to read everyones emails and was happy to hear from you all! I am doing well and Healthy and just loving missionary work! Thats all it is really about is love, if you love everything and people can see that love you have for them, life, and the gospel it changes them! I love you all!
Elder Grant

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