Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OOps---confused P-days

Hello Family!

Apparently we got our days mixed up, my p-day is on Monday which is Sunday night there in the good ole’ western united states! This week has been a fun-filled week of work and meetings and probably one of the most successful weeks I have had as a missionary number wise and miracle wise!

It started off with our zone leader counsel with president burton and then just got better with our zone conference and our combined district meetings where we as zone leaders provide training. So time wise we were pretty stretched this last week but the Lord blessed us with miracles every second of the time that we “Were” able to work in. This last week we had five referrals and picked up eight new investigators and established 2 new baptismal dates for not this Sunday but the next, Yahoo! Focusing on baptism and the book of Mormon with everyone we meet is really starting to see some incredible results. This last transfer our focus was on using the book of Mormon in everything we do. As I have done this I have felt the most successful I have ever felt as a missionary and I have grown to have a deeper knowledge and faith in the Book of Mormon. I know that because we are using this Amazing Book filled with the words of God we are seeing so much success.

This last week was not all work either, we had a lot of fun times. We had a ward party on Wednesday which we had a few investigators to and it was an absolute blast! We played basketball and a Korean game called chokew, which is basically soccer combined with tennis, in other words, Poser Toccer- I don’t like it cause it’s way Hard!Lol Our menu at the party was chicken tortillas! American Food, only not! Koreans ideas of American are vastly skewed! We had a sweet potatoe salad and no one ate it as salad they put it on their wraps with peanut butter sauce, mustard, salsa, all sorts of weird veggies and to top it all off threw just a little bit of chicken in it! Hey, apparently I am turning Korean, my first thought was, there is no way in heaven that that tastes good, wasn;t bad though! Howevere I wouldn’t recommend it for picnics in America!

Love you all,

Elder Grant

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