Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tender mercies


Hey Family, don’t have much time to write today but know that I love you and this is the lords work. We had a cool story this week that I think was one of those tender mercies of the lord. We were working hard and it was about 95 degrees and 100 percent humidity and after two hours we had nothing, we couldn’t get anyone to stop and talk to us. Eldr Grose was getting mad and I was just plain down frustrated and tossing down at anyone I could get my hands on cause that’s the best thing to do when it doesn’t work is to just work harder. At that point in time as we were streetboarding two guys walked up on their own volition and started talking to us one talked to elder grose and another one talked to me. This guy was way good at English and had interest in our English program but moreover he wanted to learn about our church, elder groses guy was a student in high school but we both got appointments for this week, wow was I thankful I kept working and didn’t give up! I read alma 26 this Sunday and had to give an unexpected talk in church yesterday. I shared this and alma 26 about relying on the lord and enduring in hard circumstances and then how the lord will eventually bless us because he is always watching us. I went for twenty minutes with no preparation, wow, I was surprised I could do that in Korean!Haha

Love you all,

Elder Grant

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