Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rainy Season with no rain

Hey ya'll its rainy seasin with no rain, I love it!!!!!!!!!!‏

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가족야! 안녕!

Okay now that after ten minutes I got my computer to switch from Korean to English……… Lets get on with life! Hey everyone so with Elder Tucker going home I am staying here in Bang wha and I will be serving next transfer with Elder Grose from Pleasantville Utah, and man is he ever different from Elder Tucker! Haha The mission has now been completely combined and we have a fifty fifty ratio of missionaries in almost every zone across the mission! Well, the combination wasn’t all joy and fun either though.

With us moving over to the new mission president there have been a lot of changes rule wise. Almost every missionary in our mission would have followed president burton to Hell and back in day, we loved him and respected him and everything that came out of his mouth was inspired by the spirit and made sense! Well, with the combination we are now under President Lee who is an absolutely great man but many things are being complained about by the missionaries and not to complain or anything but I Kinda feel like I am 6 years old and am being told when I can tie my shoes and when I can go use the bathroom. Okay enough of that but any ideas about how we can help the elders to just accept what has come and go with it. The first thing I know that I have to do is just obey and seem happy about doing it no matter what. A lot of the elders are bad talking president Lee and in our zone this last week just went in a downward spiral, so I am open to suggestions!

Elder Grose and I were similar when I was about 16 years old!Lol Elder Grose is a really shy and tentative Elder and has trouble talking to anyone. The differences between him and elder tucker are like night and day and I have to say after spending three months with elder tucker I pretty much just speak what is on my mind now and I am bold in almost everything I do!Lol I have to relax a little bit more so I don’t drive my comp. nuts but it should be a great next transfer, he is one of the most humble people whom I have ever met! We have already started seeing miracles together as well! We went through our potential investigators list last week and we already have about ten appointments set up for this week, talk about crazy huh! Right now we still haven’t had a baptism for this month as the one we had set for last week didn’t go through but he will be getting baptized this coming Sunday! He is the coolest ever he’s twenty four and we just have amazing times every time we meet him! This last week with E. Tucker we went out for dinner with him(young il) and his girlfriend(yun he) and went bowling, way fun and it got us on the good side of his girlfriend so she is now down with him getting baptized and having to live the law of chastity which she didn’t like the idea of much before! Its been fun to see him change and his girlfriend start to change even if just ever so slowly! I think that is my favorite thing about the gospel is just the changes it brings about in people, they learn, they feel, and then they act and it changes their whole lifes course!

Love you all,

Elder Grant

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