Wednesday, August 11, 2010

weeklllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy EMAILLLLLLLLLL- Man I hate writing these! But to get you must write, right?‏

weeklllllllyyyyyyyyyyyy EMAILLLLLLLLLL- Man I hate writing these! But to get you must write, right?‏

Hey family!

So this week things have finally started picking up here in bangwha! Elder Grose and I are finally starting to mesh our styles together and things are really looking to take of in an incredible fashion! We have one fifty year old man that has been to church for the last three weeks straight who showed up to church yesterday wearing a suit and when we taught him about fasting and offerings after the meeting he paid his fast offering on the spot! Haha, he is a great man. He came to church the week before when the stake president came to speak and the stake president spent two hours talking with him, we think that’s why he came dressed the way he did this week. Cause most the time people who aren’t members just come in regular clothes! We also saw another miracle as well, elder grose and I in looking at the stats on Saturday saw two of our goals that we didn’t think we would get, 2 people to sacrament and we still needed one more investigator to hit the standards. Well, they can’t become a new investigator if you meet them on the street but I remembered these two girls that had come to our English class the week before and their dad had called to say thanks and I had saved his number. I called him up and we set up an appointment for three the next day. Church rolls around and who shows up but one of the part member family members I have been trying to get to the waters of baptism for the last three months, plus the older gentleman I was just talking about. Then we met this family and it turns out they have tons of interest in the gospel and not just in English so we picked up the parents the 17 year old brother, the 14 year old sister, and her friend! Amazing miracle huh? Hopefully we can get them all out to church so that we can eventually get them to the waters of baptism! We had interview with president lee this week and he is just amazing! There will never exist the father like relationship that was their with president burton because of the culture and language difference but I love this man and he loves me so we are set to see miracles while working together!!!!!!!! I love all of you and hope you have a great week! P.s. Send EmailS!!!!!!!


Elder Grant

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