Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The whole of Seoul

The WHole of Seoul!!!!!!‏

From: Charles Greg Grant (charles.grant@myldsmail.net)
Sent: Mon 7/05/10 1:57 AM

Hey Ya'll!!!,
So today was our first p-day being the new seoul mission and also being allowed to go wherever we wanted! However it is also my companions last p-day in korea so we went to some of the big shopping centers here, it was sweet and I found a whole thing of oatmeal for only ten dollars! Lol Never thought that would be the highlight of my week!
WE have a young man getting baptized this weekend he is twenty three and is dating a girl that is 27, he has such a good heart and really wants to get baptized however his girlfriend is a naughty girl and therefore may end up as satans means of keeping him from coming unto christ. People just don;t realize how important the knowledge that we have in this church really is. If we as members of this church and others as non-members had any clue as to how much our lives could be changed just by striving to follow the gospel to the absolute T I think it would change the world. For now we all have to do all that we can to share the wonderful knowldege of the gospel with others!
Our missions combined this last weekend so everything is really crazyh right now. Since my companion is going home I will be staying in bangwha and I will find out who my new companion is tommorow at live transfers, its going to be straight up like the old general conference style mission calls! I will let you all know how it goes!
Love you all,
Elder Grant

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