Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Zone leader learning curve April 21, 2010

Hey everyone,

This last week has been an absolutely crazy one and life looks to just get busier than ever. Being a Zone Leader is not all it is cracked up to be. The truth is you get the title but no one really knows what being a zone leader means until you get here and it is definatley not a place people should aspire to be. It involves long days with a lot of hard work and less missionary work than you would like. However we are starting to have some great success in our zone. We have 1 invetigator here in baangwha and no potentials as of right now. It seems like it always happens this way. I build up another area with my comp. to having plenty of investigators to meet and getting ready to see tons of miracles and all the sudden I get transferred into a new area. Sheesh, but hey, I will go where the lord wants me to go. Not much has happened this week. One of the big reasons we were so busy is that all Koreans are required to go for a mandatory military training after they finish their two years(All are Required to serve)once a year. An Elder in our zones companion had to go this week and so fro the last four days we have been covering our area and his and have mostly been down in his which is a good 45 minute bus ride away. I love this work and I know that Christ loves each and every one of us.


Elder Greg Grant

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