Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Holy cow, but I am still a youngster in the mission may 2010

Hey ya’ll there in the snowy world of Rexburg, Guess what, it snowed some here to! Man has it gone back to being cold lately, we don’t like it to very much! So as of last week I told you that transfers would happen today, well happen they did and it surprised me more than you will ever know. So Tuesday night we got a call, I answered our cell phone and whose voice should I hear but for President Burtons, at this point I was thinking, ahh… Elder Lee is going to be training because I had to be the one leaving the area as I had been there for four and president only calls to new trainers, Zone leaders, and A.P. ‘s. So as we greeted each other I was walking over to give the phone to elder lee in our apartment and President said, well elder I suppose you know something big is happening. At this point I was thinking yes siree, my comp. is a stud! However the next words out of president’s mouth were, Elder I would like to call you to serve as a zone leader in the kangso stake. Good thing I was close to a chair cause I immediately sat down and as president explained for about two minutes what that would entail, I don’t think I heard a word and I most definitely wasn’t saying anything either. Came as a shock to me as I have yet to train and I wasn’t a district leader yet either. Elder Grant just became the youngest Zone leader in the seoul west mission, and he isn’t going to lie is fairly nervous about the whole situation. I am going to be leading others who are way older than me in the mission, and I am expected to know the answers to questions instead of being the one asking the questions, ahhh! I am serving in an area called bangwhaa now and am with an elder from Seattle, Elder Tucker, who loves sports, I think we will get along just great!

So from that exciting news to news on the sheheoung front which I just left today. So last week we established a baptismal date with a lady who’s family is all members but less active except for the grandma. This woman was really hesitant to accept the commitment last week but accept she did, for this Sunday. The only problem being that that didn’t leave much time to get the rest of the lessons in, and she has to work almost everyday. The whole ward was excited especially the Grandma but everyone was worried to. We had yet to teach her the commandments and all the sudden everyone is telling us that she has a word of wisdom issue on two counts and that living the law of tithing would be hard for her. These things are true for everyone but we were already thinking that they would be slightly harder for her. Last night in one of the most spiritual and amazing lessons I have had on the mission this lady agreed to live according to all of the commandments of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We prepared half an hour before hand with our ward mission leader and then went in thinking we would have a hard time of it and that she might drop the baptismal date(Which is also her wedding anniversary by the way). As we taught I was praying that she would accept them all, and no lie, as I prayed the most overwhelming sense of peace came over me and the thought all will be well came into my mind. All indeed was well and we called the district leader on the spot to set up an interview for tonight because that is the only time that she has open, Crazy Huh? I got transferred but I Became zone leader in my own zone so hopefully I can go up and see the baptism on Sunday. The amazing part was, and the part that truly saved this woman was that the grandma had gone through and explained a little about each one to her beforehand so that none of them came as a shock to her. This lady truly is a prepared child of god, and there is a reason preach my gospel says to teach with members!

Sure love you all a heck of a lot, know your in my prayers, hope you’ll pray for me with this new assignment.

Love Elder Greg Grant

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